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Are You Sticking Your Foot In Your Mouth? How Does It Taste?

Have you taken a look at your sales presentation lately? How does it stack up? Are you asking questions, that you DON"T already know the answer to? Last night I spoke with a salesman at the mall that totally stuck his foot in his mouth, you aren't going to believe this! Last night I was at the mall, picking up a few books, when my wife decided that she wanted to go into the Yankee Candle Store. We had our Five year old with us that just loves to put his hands on everything, and with the amount of glass in that store, I decided it best if I waited outside of the store for her. In front of me was a Sprint kiosk. We all know how aggressive cellular sales people can be and the guy behind the counter was no different. I was holding my sons hand and leaning against the wall when he said, "Who is you cell carrier?" "T-Mobile I said," trying to act uninterested. "Oh, and what phone do you have." "The HTC Sensation" I responded, " But I just got it, about a month ago, and have no intention of switching." "No problem," he said. "How often do you use the internet." "All the time." "Really? Come here a second I want to show you something that will blow your mind!" I took a look in the candle store and saw my wife still shopping so I thought, why not! Once at the counter he asks to see my phone, so I showed it to him. He acted unimpressed and shows me one of his. "Like I said before," I started. "I have no intention of switching, I really [...]

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Increased Rapport and Building Trust

“If you expect above-average results you must learn, implement and perform above-average concepts.” Pacing, matching or mirroring, whatever it is that you want to call it, has been around a long time. As sales people, we have all at one time or another read a book, listened to a CD or attended training of some type where we were told of the importance of it and of the positive results it can have on our sales. Briefly, Mirroring is a human behavior characterized by copying someone else while communicating with them. It could mean the copying of postures, tone of voice or gestures; it could also be the mimicking of movement, body language, expressions, eye movement, breathing, tempo, attitude or any other number of things. Think of it as follow the leader or do as I do. There are a number of reasons why this rapport building concept is so powerful and many reasons why you should be doing it everyday with every customer. If you think of communication as a type of dance, a dance between two people, then imagine a partner that has never danced a day in their life. Imagine having your feet stepped on and your tempo thrown off as your partner fails to take your lead. Now imagine a partner that follows you step for step, turns left when you turn left, spins when you spin, its harmony and you feel at ease with your dance partner. Communication can be tense and awkward between strangers or it can be lively and comfortable, it truly is all up to you. People are generally much friendlier when you mirror their expressions, hand gestures or body movements. For instance, when a prospect walks [...]

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Automax Recruiting & Training Announces Gene Diehm as 2010 Automotive Sales Trainer Of The Year

Automax Recruiting & Training, the nation's most requested salesperson recruiting and training company in North America has announced Gene Diehm as Automotive Sales Trainer of The Year for 2010. Mays Landing, NJ, December 14th, 2010:  At their annual trainers conference in Atlantic City Gene Diehm was awarded Automotive Sales Trainer of The Year for 2010. Through his dedication to both his dealer clients and students Gene has shown that he consistently makes  a difference in lives of those he teaches. " Wow. I can tell you that the last couple years in the car business has been a very humbling time for all of us." Says Gene Diehm. "You would think that when business slows down a little, we could relax and enjoy it. Well in a perfect world. I want to thank all of my dealer clients, owners, general managers, fellow trainers, and all of my students, without you....well. As an automotive sales trainer I have the opportunity every day to positively affect someone's life. I take that responsibility very seriously, and as i look back on my own sales career, I am reminded of those who had a positive impact  on me. Clint McGee....Jackie Cooper.....Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.....Joe Verde....Sean Gardner....Tim Kintz.....Jeff Filhaber...Jim Ziegler......Fran Taylor....Craig Lockerd.... I guess you can say that I am pretty lucky to have known all of them. How can I not be trainer of the year having all these guys in my corner? Everyone in our industry has had a mentor that pretty well defines what we become. For me I am going to  tell you without reservation that William E. Owens hired me in the car business, trained, pushed, promoted, fired, and motivated me. Bill instilled in me [...]

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Retaining Top Performers, Is Easier Than You Think…

The automotive industry is notorious for turnover in their sales departments, which makes retention of good salespeople a critical concern for sales managers, general managers and dealer principals. In fact, it's such a major occurrence that it has come to the point where attrition has come to be just part of dealership life, well I'm here to tell you that it doesn't have to be that way! Think back over the years at all of the sales people that have come and gone. Sure, some of them you were happy to see go, but others... not so much so. What if you could create your "dream team" so to speak, a sales team made of all the best closers and prospectors that have worked for you in the past, where do you think your sales would be today? It All Starts With the Selection Process It's important, for long term sales force retention that you hire the right salespeople from the very beginning. It's a sad truth that most employees are in the wrong job. In fact, a recent study suggests that only 25% of the work force in the United States are in the right job, according to skills, interests and/or job satisfaction.  What that means is that 75% of your sales force is in the wrong field! Those are the 75% that are costing you real money, a loss in productivity and wasted time in development and training, not mention sales, sales and more sales! A sales person can cost you upwards of 3 times their salary to hire and train their replacement, that's a lot of lost gross! Here at Automax we have a sales talent screening process, keep in mind though [...]

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