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Hiring The Right Automotive Personnel is More Involved than You Think

“Just throw an ad in the paper and tell Joe Sales Manager to handle the interviews.”   Unfortunately, this is a phrase repeated time and time again at dealerships all over the country.   The problem with this statement is twofold: first, 80% of all job seekers use the Internet as their primary source for a job search; second, Joe Sales Manager has “more important” things to do and cares very little about finding additional Salespeople, Internet Sales Managers, BDC Reps, Sales Managers, Service Techs, F&I Managers, etc. for your store.  Getting your help wanted ad in front of a large number of job seekers and subsequently being able to deal with the response from those job seekers is an extremely important and involved process that needs to be handled properly. It’s no great secret that the days of the great American newspaper are long gone.  Only 13 percent of all Americans now buy a daily newspaper.  There have been several factors that have led to the rapid decline of the newspaper in our country, but the main factor has been the rapid rise of the internet.  The internet has changed the way we get news, the way we communicate with others, the way we conduct business, and of course the way we search for a new career.  Again, none of this is ground-breaking news; newspapers have been on their last leg for some time now.  Yet, all over the country, dealerships are still using help wanted print ads to staff their stores!  Why is this?  Maybe it’s an issue of familiarity, “old school” dealers clinging to the past.  Maybe it’s just a matter of convenience.  Maybe’s it’s an attempt to “save” money.  Whatever the reason, the [...]

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To Tell The Truth

Stretching the truth, embellishing, fibbing, exaggerating, fine print, or just flat out lying, whatever you want to call it, straying from absolute, 100% full disclosure is something we encounter in our Industry on a daily basis.  Are you truthful with your customers, employees, co-workers, vendors, etc?  And for that matter, should you be 100% open with them? In the world of help wanted advertising there is an enormous amount of gray area when it comes to full disclosure.  On one hand, it is vital to place as many “hooks” in a help wanted ad as possible, but on the other hand if these “hooks” are complete fabrications then they aren’t really “hooks” at all.  Just lies.  So where’s the line?  And how do you effectively walk that line without lying to job applicants? I have encountered the full gamut of answers in regard to these questions while working with Dealership Managers.  I have heard, “Just put whatever you think will get the most people,” and I have heard, “I don’t want to put earning potential in the ad because it’s misleading.”  The TRUTH is, the answer lies somewhere in between those 2 statements.  The ad needs teeth, it needs specifics, it needs POP!  But, you can’t just flat out make stuff up.  Let’s use the example of earning potential: Say you have a solid sales team, not great, but good, they are averaging around $70,000 per year, no one makes less than $50,000 and your one super star makes $150,000.  Now, what do you say in the ad?  Some might say that because the word potential is in there you could just leave it at $150,000 annual earning potential… and you could, the potential is [...]

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Do You Truly Believe In Your Store?

Apathy is something that I encounter frequently when gathering information for a help wanted ad. More often than not, I ask some basic questions, get some basic answers and my contact at the dealership gets back to work. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand the nature of our industry and I understand that most managers simply don’t have a lot of time to spend with an “Advertising Guy.” But how much extra time are we talking about here? 3 minutes, maybe 5, aren’t those 5 extra minutes worth it if they generate say 10-15 extra interviews? Which could end up producing your next super star salesperson that sells 20/month and creates $40k plus in gross profit! For that matter, is it even a question of time? If you truly believe in your store and are truly excited about the direction that your dealership is headed it should pour out of you during our conversation, and should take very little coaxing on my part. My goal as an Advertising Director with AutoMax Recruiting and Training is to generate as many quality job applicants as humanly possible in a relatively short (5-10 days) time period. In order to do this I need to get people EXCITED about working at your store. But I can’t do this unless YOU are excited about your store. You need to sell me on working at your store, so I can sell job applicants on a career with your dealership. Now I know a lot of you are probably thinking, “You’re the advertising experts, it is your job to get people in here.” And you are right that is our job, but you can’t send someone to war without a loaded [...]

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Why Should I Work at YOUR Dealership?

We are all involved in the art of selling.  Whether it's selling a good, a service, or even yourself, successful selling is a major contributing factor to our success.  We read books, attend seminars, role play, and practice, all in order to become better salespeople.  The concept of selling is of course fundamental to any Automotive Dealership.  So why is it that when constructing a Help Wanted Ad, Dealers seem to forget about this most basic of principles?  Differentiating your dealership from your competitor’s stores should be the MAIN GOAL of any effective help wanted ad.  YOU HAVE TO SELL YOUR STORE! Help wanted advertisement needs to be looked at as an investment instead of a bother or a necessary evil.  Let’s take a look at it from a ROI perspective: Let’s say that you have 3 under-performing salespeople at your store averaging 5 units a month at $1,500 per unit.  Replace those 3 with salespeople averaging 10 units a month at $2,000 per unit (a modest upgrade) and you are looking at an increase of $37,500 per month and $450,000 per year!  Now doesn’t it make sense to budget a measly $5,000 or $10,000 a year for Help Wanted Advertising? First, be specific with your details: “Top salesperson earned $10,575 last month,” “#3 volume Ford dealer in the state,” and “Up to 35% commission,” sound better than, “Six-figure income potential,” “One of the top dealers in the area,” and “Great pay plan.”  Specific details about your store will lend instant credibility to your ad and will be certain to grab the job applicant’s attention.  Next, paint a vivid picture of your store (and I don’t mean tell us what it looks like).  You can [...]

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