Staffing Each Department In Your Dealership

From Porters To Presidents, We AutoMax Hire Them All!

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, We Stand Behind Our Work
  • We Do ALL The Heavy Lifting
  • We'll Create The Job Ad For Maximum Conversion
  • Our Job Network Is In The Millions, You WILL Get Lots Of Applicants
  • We Have Our Own Talent Network Of People Waiting To Be Interviewed
  • Complete Turn Key Solution, We Handle it All!

Yes! I'm Ready To Hire The Future Of My Dealership!

Properly staffing each department of your dealership can be a daunting task, it's time consuming. Most managers are unsure of where to place the help wanted ad and how to write one that will be effective. Scheduling & screening frustrates most people and on top of all that it's expensive, with no guarantee for the results you need

I'm sure we can agree that even with the greatest process's in the industry, without a properly staffed store, "Human Capital" if you will, your dealership won't reach its full potential.

AutoMaxHire is the solution!

Here is exactly what happens regardless of the position you need filled:

• As many as 5 people within AutoMax will "touch" the job openings for your dealership.

• We develop the ads, with your help, specifically for your dealership; benefits, compensation plan, what makes your dealership unique etc.
• We then write the HTML and start to post to ALL the sites we are contracted with, well over 200 job boards and job portals that are national in scope, but local to the area of your dealership.
• A professional video is created for the position you need filled and then shared to thousands of people via social networks.
• AutoMax Recruiting has more data points to find talent than anyone else and uses it's "Talent Network" to always have a pipeline of career minded people available for you!
• Depending on the scope and the position we can interview by phone, score the applicants, schedule those that fit your criteria and you would have access to their resume and all our notes in regard to their phone interview with us.

 Some of the sites that these jobs will be on are, Automotive Retail Sales Careers, Car Jobs Online , Indeed, Indeed Data Base, Zip Recruiter, Zip Alerts, Twitter, 2-3 accounts, Facebook,2-3 fan pages and Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, 2 account’s plus various related auto job groups, Google+, 2-3 accounts, Craig’s List Sales Heads, Sales Jobs, eBay Jobs, Juju, Oodles, Vast, Career Jet, Craigslist, Top USA Jobs, and literally hundreds of smaller local sites that are picked up through these postings. is our newest site and is for former military only, which of course your dealership could receive a tax credit when hiring a veteran. This board feeds into the National Veteran Job Bank which is then indexed by Indeed. Extra cost option*

We then send massive reverse search email blasts through several sites, searching for even more career minded applicants. What that really means if that we send the right email message to the right people, increasing conversion. {We send out a personalized display ad through our Email Marketing, Indeed and Zip Alerts and our in house Talent Network, accounts}

Each applicant is sent as many as 4 invitations and reminders to apply for the positions through our ATS system

[Applicant Tracking System] plus in some cases phone interviews as well.

Depending on the position, your dealerships ad would also be posted on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Dealer Social networks such, , and more!

This is the exact same process we use with every one of our clients each week.

Your 100% satisfaction is the outcome and to insure that, if for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied we will run the campaign again for another two weeks at no additional cost to you.

Other satisfaction guarantees available depending on the scope of the hiring need.

For more info on how we do what we do, follow the ongoing series; The Recruiter


From "Porters to Presidents" We Can Help

Campaigns start from $1500- $2500

AutoMax Premium Help Wanted Services Included

• All hourly employees
• Receptionist
• Porter
• Detail
• Parts Runner
• Office Staff, Etc.
• Experienced salespeople
• Green pea Salespeople
• Internet Salespeople
• BDC Salespeople
• Team Captains
• Closers
• Used Car Manager
• New Car Manager
• Sales Mgr.
• F&I Mgr.
• Technicians
• Service Advisors
• Parts Counter People
• Parts Mgr.
• Service Mgr.
• Service Director
• Controller
• General Manager