I have been recruiting and training new sales people. It has happened again. Dealership Management has passed on Mothers that cannot work three nights a week and Sundays. Their thinking is that it would not be fair to the other salespeople. “The floor must be covered and each team must stick to the schedule ... “We cannot allow a part time salesperson to take fresh ‘Ups’ ... it would cause problems ... no part timers and no flex schedules”.

I suggested to the GM: “Let’s use the Real Estate Office model that allows part timers and flex scheduling. Just think about all the multi-million transactions that are closed by Soccer Moms on a flex schedule. They are happy, work on a schedule that allows time to manage the kids and they list new business from a network of contacts in the community. Why not model this and apply it to the Automotive business ?

My Mate has a flex schedule and has sold over $40 million in homes by networking with Mothers ... just think of spider web of networks with school activities ... PTA, Scouts, Church, YMCA, Gyms, Clubs, Sports ... Soccer Moms drive and buy cars ! Why not have a Sales Team of Mothers ? I will train them to network, guerrilla market and prospect ! They will take floor traffic only after every full timer is with a customer.” There was silence ... thought ... and ... “NO, that would not work here”.

A Sales Team of Mothers ... it works in The Real Estate Office ... who will be the first innovative Sales Manager to buy-in ?

What say you?