The idea behind this blog is to get you thinking, to raise questions and to give answers. While the below letter may be hypothetical I hope it gets you thinking the right way, please take a moment to read it and then leave a few answers in the comment section below. Don't worry, you won't offend anybody. Speak your mind.

Dear Dealer,Manager,Trainer,Consultant

I'm writing you this letter because I need your help.

I am 18-25 years old and want a career not just a job at "Burger Doodle" I have no experience but I will do as I'm told.I have goals and dreams. I want to be a success.

I am in need of a 2nd income in the family due to this economic situation.

I am 45-60+ I have been "downsized" out of my 20-30 year job and don't know what to do, I have a house payment, kids in school, and not nearly enough put away to retire yet.

I am a single parent, my "worse half" didn't do the right thing and my kids and myself need to make money.

I am a "minority" and all I want is a chance, a shot at the "American Dream."

I am unemployed and WANT to work!

I am underemployed and want something better for myself and my family.

I have tried many different "jobs" and none of them "clicked" for me. I will do whatever it takes.

I am one of the 30,000,000 people in our great country that are available to you.

Please tell me how you will attract me to get into an industry that everyone says is hurting, is commission only, that people say is 70 hours a week & takes away family life, and has little or no initial or ongoing training. Please tell me why I should come into your industry and get yelled at for doing something wrong that I was never taught how to do right?

Please tell me what you mean about getting back to the basics, when I don't know what those are.

Please tell me why I should come into your industry only to be "kicked to the curb" 3 weeks after you hire me.

I need your help and it seems as though you need me, how can we do this thing?

Respectfully Submitted

A Human Being Near You

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