10) Dominate the auto sales recruiting industry and have at least one trainer's home featured on MTV Cribs

9) Convince an employee to name their child Og

8) Finally be recognized as a nation

7) Spandex unitards required uniform for all trainers

6) Begin recruiting and training politicians who are honest, courteous and have no bad habits (couldn't type that with a straight face)

5) Try to convince Nancy Simmons to be happy and upbeat and smile once in a while

4) Find a job for Brad Alexander (I talked Bernadette into naming our next child Og!)

3) Partner with Best Buy because their reps can turn an easy sale into... EPIC FAIL!

2) Try to get Mike Vick to promote a pay per view fight between the Alpha-Dawg Jim Z and Grinder Carbucks

1) Provide well trained, professional salespeople with no bad habits to all their dealerships (and turn the Old-Car-Dawg from Lot Damage loose on any dealers who refuse their services- he's probably already there)