Everything we do is just as predictable, all a salesperson has to do is work the sales process and get real good at five critical sales skills.

The five critical sales skills:

1 Setting a sales objective (sell them a car)

2 Building “trust” relationship (they buy form those they like and trust)

3 Discovering customers Real Needs (not wants)

4 Aligning a solution to their needs (showing them how your car meets and or exceeds their needs)

5 Gaining commitments (asking for the money close)

Just like the sales person, the buyer has a unique Buying Process, and understanding your buyer’s process as they work toward a purchase decision will help you make better decisions on your way to gaining their commitment. Most buyers will start with a need and move through 5 critical Phases before making a commitment to buy.

The five critical phases they go through when deciding to buy:

1 Identify the problem (need a new vehicle)

2 Meet the salesperson (do I trust them)

3 Evaluate alternatives (compare your product against competition)

4 Dollarize the best choices (does the value exceed the price)

5 Make a decision

It is important to note that buying is an emotional process, and therefore, salespeople need to be aware of the emotional factors driving this process. These emotional issues (the feelings the buyer has about the buying process) are more important than the rational drivers (the logical, thinking, reasons for buying). People buy because they FEEL good about the outcome.

You are asking them to commit and buy your vehicle. And in many cases spend a lot of money in order to commit  (Fear risk), they simply have to feel comfortable, no matter how logical the deal may seem.

If you look at the 5 phases for both the customer and salesperson you can see that they go hand in hand with each other and therefore if you just follow these 5 critical phases you will close more deals and sell more cars.

What do you do to train yourself or your automotive salespeople to be better at the 5 critical sales skills?

More Info On The Five Steps

  1. Setting Sales Objectives
  2. Building Trust Relationships (coming soon)
  3. Discovering Customers Real Needs (coming soon)
  4. Aligning a Solution to Their Needs (coming soon)
  5. Gaining Commitments (coming soon)