Working Together, Team Work…  Synergy:  We’ve all heard this before, but  do we really practice what we preach?  As soon as we think that our commission is not what it was supposed to be, or  our client’s car was not prepped for delivery  when promised, or a new salesperson is brought on to the floor, What do We Do?

We complain that “they” are trying to cheat us, or they are helping other salespeople before us, or they are increasing the competition. Why do we feel that way?

Frankly, most of us didn’t start out with stinking thinking. We started out being mentored. We were lead by example. We followed, listened and learned from those that preceded us. Negativity is a widespread disease that continues to grow as long as we let it.

Folks, the auto industry is changing. People are getting “wise”. They just won’t accept second rate service, and now with the ever increasing popularity of outside expert training, (companies like AutoMax)  they don’t have to. So what do we do?

Change is not hard, we just have to want to. Change is controled by pain and pleasure.  Of course the big question is, “What’s in it for me?”  Why should a dealer practice “Synergy”?  By being part of a team, respecting your co-workers, not being negative, you will actually be healthier. (That is a fact) Pleasure. Not changing, constant complaining, high blood pressure, poor diet, being yelled at: pain.

Being nice; understanding that not everything is done intentially and it is NOT us versus them, but rather, Us with Them, we will find that “Them” will take care of mistakes quickly and efficiently, let you know if there is going to be an issue, and being in that now, expanded comfort zone, knowing that the reason the dealer is adding more well trained salespeople, is not because they are about to let you go, but rather help you because you are way too busy.

Synergy, The whole is truly greater than the sum of it’s parts.  Remember the expression is not, I will believe it when I see it.  It is I will see it when I believe it.  Do you believe?  I do.

Lets open the discussion up, what does synergy mean to you?