Being a brand new trainer is very special. I got great training, was given all the proper tools and I have a great support team in AutoMax Recruiting & Training. Now it’s time to go out in the real world and put everything I trained for into play, but there is that one worry that keeps eating at me. What is the most important thing that I can leave these new recruits with………(listed below are some of the answers I received back from other trainers in the field)

1. You've got to leave EVERYTHING...all that you have learned, that works. You must leave him/her tools, inspiration and follow up.....A trainer should not leave a store unless they can look themselves in a mirror and can honestly say...I have given all I have!

2. We can leave the new recruits with every tool they need to be successful and to be able to handle the first ninety days. We can leave managers with the idea they have thirty days to either make it or break it with the new guy...but the biggest thing we need to leave them with is an a idea in their head that ATTITUDE SELLS!

3. Besides the obvious, which are all the tools necessary to be successful, we must give them desire. The desire to be the best that they can be. The desire to treat this career as a profession, which requires constant education and training to truly succeed. The desire to be part of a team while striving for individual success and most of all the desire to have more and be more than they thought possible when they began the training.

4.  Aligning with the customer is a HUGE part of setting one sales person aside from another. By getting to know your clients you can converse on a different level and learn how to better help and assist, then you can respond to their specific needs and wants with a personal approach. Listening and finding a common ground is a big part, always look for similarities, this makes for a larger comfort zone and trust. Plus it loosens up the process and it is fun!

5. A career, and a great salesperson who wants a career. Everything else follows.

6. Establish rapport with the customer. No rapport, no sale. Establish rapport by asking questions, and rapport building questions have nothing to do with credit, budget, numbers, trade allowances etc. Rapport questions include family, pets, school, hobbies, fishing and anything not sales related. It is impossible for the salesperson to be effective if they can't find some common ground with their customers. NO RAPPORT, NO SALE

7. I agree with all the other replies thus far. So I will add to that list: I believe it's important to leave each recruit with the proper view of the business they are entering. That they see the opportunity that is before them that can help create their lifestyle. They need to know you can sell cars honestly and ethically and be prosperous. They need to know they can be proud of what they do, where and how they do it. This (along with the aforementioned tools provided) will instill confidence which bolsters hope; and hope does not disappoint.

8. In a word attitude. With that almost all will follow.

9. Hope.

10. What is the most important thing we can leave a salesperson with: Become a member of "Where oh where can the salespeople be, oh where oh where could they be?" on DealerElite!

11. How not to turn customers into shoppers.

12. A Positive Attitude.

13. In reading the replies below I would agree with most. One can't train attitude or hope. It is an internal trait. We may be able to help nurture it... I agree it is of the greatest importance!

We can teach the tools (steps). We can help with rapport building by teaching them the right questions to ask, but there is more to it than that.

I feel though that the one thing we must do is continue training. So my answer is not to leave the salesperson, but remain with them throughout their career. If we are in, and out of a store then we also need to train the managers. No sales person is ever finished learning, myself included. We must help develop an environment where this philosophy is adhered to. Open doors, constant training, and the removal of the fear to ask  questions. As Trainers, Dealers, Managers, we are above all teachers. If we want our people and ourselves to be successful the teaching/learning process must never end.

What can you add to the list?