Every manufacturer has one; some are even calling their clients directly. We (The dealer and the salesperson) will receive bonuses based in them. What is it? “The Survey”.

Manufacturers know that client retention is the key to their survival.  We all use them. Don’t we ask for testimonials at the end of each class (Don’t we? ) Not only do we get a hand on the pulse of our market, but it validates what we do.

So how DO we ask for a good survey?  NEVER BRIBE! It cheapens the results for all of us, and it makes our clients wonder why that would even be necessary. It cheapens us and will get you fired.

Here is what I say at the “end” (delivery)

Ms/Mr client, has everything gone to your satisfaction?  Great. I need a small favor. You will be getting a survey in the mail from the manufacturer (phone call, where applicable). It is MY report card and not the car’s. (Remember, if the air conditioner breaks one day after delivery, the client will blame us, and we didn’t build the car!) I will see it. (There is no anonymity here). I need all perfect scores (smiley faces, 100%’s etc.) Pleeeeease! (People think that if they fill out the survey perfectly, it “looks” phoney. Nonsense, it looks great!) I get a bonus based on your happiness.

If for some reason in your heart of hearts, you feel that you cannot give me a perfect score, please do me the favor and call me, or my manager to see if perhaps there is something we can do to make sure you are 100% delighted.

Make sure to remind them a week after delivery. (Surveys normally are mailed out 3-5 days after delivery).

So why is this so important?  Really, do we have to say, “Why”?

This is what I do. What do you do?  In the comment section below let us know your word track, we call all learn from each other and maybe together we can increase what people think about this business.

Will the real professionals please stand up!