Have you ever attended or observed how people who have attended a personal betterment seminar of some kind come back with a heightened sense of enthusiasm? They tend to exhibit a renewed sense of purpose and expectation. And for a while they seem to move in the direction towards the new or renewed objective. It does not seem to matter what the reason for betterment may have been. Perhaps it was training or retraining in a professional career discipline, or maybe something of a more personal nature. More often than not, soon after coming back to work, what one observes is a person who reverts back to their previous behavior. Why does this happen?

I believe the answer can be thought of in two words; Inspiration and Motivation. Inspiration is the spark, the wow, the emotionally moving moment that when it happens can be personal or something that is shared by millions. Inspiration creates the thought or desire to achieve something more for ourselves or for others. Inspiration moves you. Inspiration also fades. Louis Tice, co-founder of The Pacific Institute has made the statement that “All meaningful and lasting change comes from the inside and works its way out”. His statement is meaningful in part because it points out that inspiration by itself is not sustainable.

When I see the word Motivation I see and read MOTION. Motivation requires motion. It is through daily actions whereby a “motivated” individual ultimately accomplishes whatever is their aim. Therein lays the difference between Inspiration and Motivation. Inspiration happens. YOU make Motivation happen. We have all heard the remark, in some variation “Boy, that person is sure motivated”. Truth is; we are all motivated. It is only a matter of to what extent. How focused and to what degree of motion, or action, are we motivated?

At any point inspiration may and will occur. It is what one does next and going forward that determines the change, or not, that a person experiences. With price not being a factor, ask this; would I rather fly in first class eating caviar and drinking champagne or fly coach eating peanuts? Be a first class person and take inspiration and turn it into motion.

What's your motivation?