There is so much great training materials and systems out there to teach our students, but without the right attitude we are planting seeds on barren ground.

One of most important concepts that I train my students on is the Self Fulfilling Prophecy.  Everything that we do in sales is based upon our mental outlook.  In this prophecy, a rule really, our Belief contributes to our Behavior which influences their Response which reinforces our Belief.  This is not only true in sales but in all of life.

We are all familiar with the phrase, "If your looking for the NO or the YES you'll always find it".  I'll talk with salesman in the morning and they'll say things such as "boy, times are tough, I can't sell anything" and at the end of day I'll ask how things went and they'll tell me they didn't sell anything and I tell them, congratulations, you've achieved what you believed.

The books written on "The Secret" or "The Laws of Mutual Attraction" are all based upon achieving through Belief.  The great thing about the automotive industry is that you can become as successful as you want, but it all starts with your beliefs.  No matter what the skill level or natural talent, success begins in your own head.

The last question I ask during the interview is "with the right training is this a career that you could be a success at"?  If the applicant can answer that with conviction, then potential exists.  Attitude, which is belief in self, determines who and what we are. Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we respond to it.  It is this attitude, based upon your belief system, which determines your ultimate success or failures.

We all rise to the level of our expectations, it is how high you set the "bar" that will determine what you achieve.  Most successful people are not quicker or brighter than you, they just "expect more".  The trouble is that we have decided to "settle" for less, and this is where we lose. The Marines say "Be all that you can be", I say "Be all that you believe you can be".