Recently I asked our Recruiter/Trainers that are in dealerships across the country to find out, on average, what our clients pay per month for landscaping and general maintenance at their stores. I also posted the very same question on both Facebook, dealerELITE, ADM and several other Blogs that AutoMax Recruiting and Training is engaged with.

I copy and pasted some of their findings and some are of course pretty humorous, some are perhaps "skewed" a bit for accounting purposes, etc. I think you will find the information interesting and then at the end of this post I'm going to ask a very simple question, make a statement and then ask you to make a decision.

The question was asked as follows:

Gathering info: On average what do dealerships spend per month on landscaping/outside aesthetics and maintenance?

Here are some of the answers and comments:

  • Out here in Arizona the dealerships are larger.... $5000 month for outside vendors to maintain landscape, lighting, windows, signs and sweeping the lot.
  • On average this year we have spent $12,356, per month on general maintain. This includes cleaning, A/C, heater repairs, heavy landscaping, painting etc. The building will be 20 years old this Sept. So we have had more repairs lately.
  • In the NE and MA I am seeing stores spend anywhere from 2k for a newer single point to $15 k per month on a multi-franchise building.
  • $1500.00.. a lot of blacktop!!! Being in New England I spread the total estimated annual over 12 months, as snow removal was also factored into lot maintenance!
  • Craig, we spend about $2k per month in maintenance and landscaping.
  • I talked to a Ford Dealer in NH, they spend on average $ 3,800 a month for just yard care and cleaning. In the winter it does not change much due to plowing and salt for ice, very small store.
  • A friend of mine here in Florida told me he has in the budget $6,000 per month just outside aesthetics, Mowing and tree & flower care. Janitorial is $3,200 per year but also spends $5,500 on top of that for an arborist.
  • A good size dealership in MD spends $2,500 a month just on mowing grass, $7,500 on restrooms, janitorial for show room offices and shop. $1,600 on dumpster's.  So that is $11,600.
  • Summer months we spend about $750.  Winter significantly higher (snow removal in Alaska, go fig).  Averaged out approx. 3k per month.
  • This dealer spends $10/12000 per month on maintenance, and upkeep.
  • Not sure of landscaping but have a dealer in Houston that spends 10k per mo. on coffee. Yes he has multiple Starbucks machines, for employees, sales and service customers.
  • Please keep in mind that many dealers' personal homes' landscaping services are also billed to the dealership...I learned that through picking 20 group composites apart...When asking dealers why their maintenance was fluctuated based on how many homes they owned...LOL
  • Many years ago I once had  $40,000 charged to my parts inventory for a farm tractor, his farm. It was not there long, lol.

From low number to high number, depending on how they perceived the question, ranged from about $25,000 per year to about $150,000 per year.

THE QUESTIONS: Do those costs create actual, measurable R.O.I.? Are you spending anywhere near that on a consistent, professional, proven salesperson recruiting and training programs?  

THE STATEMENT: Just two additional "Average"...

[Ave= Best of the Worst] Salespeople selling 8 per month at $2000 per unit = $192,000 per year. AutoMax Recruited and Trained Salespeople are NOT Average, they are consistently near or at the top of the board month after month. Just short of 11,000 Recruiting/Training Campaigns completed and almost 90,000 Salespeople Trained, we know how to do this!

THE DECISION: Not going LeBron James on you our office and get the complete details and programs offered and allow us to share with you how, for an investment of less than one average car deal, to a maximum of three, we have Turn Key, Low Fee, Guaranteed Result oriented campaigns that can yield true, measurable R.O.I. that goes into the 1000's%