AutoMax & Red Cross Oklahoma Tornado Relief Effort – Matching Contributions

In response to the devastation brought on by the tornado that swept through the city of Moore, Oklahoma, AutoMax Recruiting and Training, LLC announces a commitment to help those most in need.  Our heartfelt condolences go out to all who have been affected by the tornado.  Our commitment as an organization is to support one another in good times and in bad. AutoMax Recruiting and Training, LLC has donated $1000.00 to the American Red Cross.  We are contacting all our clients, vendors and affiliated organizations and asking them to make a contribution to the American Red Cross with the funds to support the recovery efforts for the people of Moore city. In an effort to maximize our support during this tragedy, for the next two weeks, AutoMax will contribute an additional $100.00**every time a client, vendor or affiliate of AutoMax donates $100.00 or more to the American Red Cross. How you can help:  log onto put in your donation for disaster relief, fill in the credit card or paypal information.  You will receive an e-mail receipt (confirmation) for tax purposes.  Forward the e-mail confirmation to  (Jodi Adkins, controller) and we will make the $100.00 matching donation from AutoMax for everyone who donates $100.00 or more to the Oklahoma Disaster Relief. Contact Arthur Bush, Jodi Adkins or Ernie Kasprowicz for additional information as needed. **AutoMax must receive e-mail confirmation as outlined above no later than June 6th, 2013 for AutoMax to be able to contribute the additional $100.00 as described.

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AutoMax Recruiting and Training Announces Job Placement Aid For Hurricane Sandy Victims

AutoMax Recruiting and Training, the most requested automotive recruitment company in the United States, has just announced that they are prepared to offer their services to dealerships looking to hire staff in the wake of the storm, as well as assist those that are in need of a job. "Our headquarters are in NJ, right in the path of Hurricane Sandy." Says Craig Lockerd, CEO and founder of AutoMax Recruiting and Training. "But we have made special arrangements to ensure that our dealer clients are taken care of. With trainers all over the country, we are in a unique position to ensure that dealerships are staffed and people that are left jobless due to the storm have a way to find work." In preparing for the inevitable, AutoMax has reached out to Monster Jobs to see what they can do to help in these relief efforts. "We have offices right in the path of Hurricane Sandy, we understand what people are about to go through." Said Doug Williams, inside sales consultant for Monster. "Keeping that in mind we wanted to do our part and help both AutoMax and people in need to find work, so we are offering up free listings so that AutoMax can do just that." In an effort to lessen the burden of lost jobs, AutoMax, their dozen employees and 30 trainers will be donating their time to ensure any employee who can't return back to work at their dealership has a place to work in the interim. "During Irene we had dealerships that completely closed or moved, then on top of losing their homes many folks lost their jobs." Says Gregory Gershman, recruiter and trainer at AutoMax. "With our extensive network [...]

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Your BDC Department – Managing Expectations Using The 4×4 Method Of Accountability

Just like in sales it's important that you set goals, but even more importantly that you ensure the goals are being met in the BDC. The BDC, or the business development center, can be a huge profit center for the dealerships that do it right, the opposite for those that don't. In order for the BDC to be profitable you must take a methodical approach to management, that is, you must manage by percentages. The 4x4 Method of BDC Accountability While there are many different percentages that can be tracked lets take a look at the most important ones, they are: Contact Rate Set Rate Show Rate, and Sold Rate Each one of these must be tracked on a daily basis, they can both make or break the dealerships month. I get asked the question all the time, "Craig, what are some of the benchmark numbers for a contact, set, show and sold rate?" There really is no easy answer to that question because it all depends if it's new car or used car leads, prime or subprime. Each one will be different, instead lets take a look at your goals and do some math. Lets say you want your BDC to be the cause over 100 sales this month, how are you going to get there? First, take a look at your lead count, lets say you get an average of 750 leads per month. That means you must have a lead to sale rate of  13.4%, very doable. From there, lets back it out and figure out what the overall contact, set, show and sold rates must be in order to reach that 13.4% Contact = 80% Contact Rate or 600 set appointments [...]

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Hiring The Right Automotive Personnel is More Involved than You Think

“Just throw an ad in the paper and tell Joe Sales Manager to handle the interviews.”   Unfortunately, this is a phrase repeated time and time again at dealerships all over the country.   The problem with this statement is twofold: first, 80% of all job seekers use the Internet as their primary source for a job search; second, Joe Sales Manager has “more important” things to do and cares very little about finding additional Salespeople, Internet Sales Managers, BDC Reps, Sales Managers, Service Techs, F&I Managers, etc. for your store.  Getting your help wanted ad in front of a large number of job seekers and subsequently being able to deal with the response from those job seekers is an extremely important and involved process that needs to be handled properly. It’s no great secret that the days of the great American newspaper are long gone.  Only 13 percent of all Americans now buy a daily newspaper.  There have been several factors that have led to the rapid decline of the newspaper in our country, but the main factor has been the rapid rise of the internet.  The internet has changed the way we get news, the way we communicate with others, the way we conduct business, and of course the way we search for a new career.  Again, none of this is ground-breaking news; newspapers have been on their last leg for some time now.  Yet, all over the country, dealerships are still using help wanted print ads to staff their stores!  Why is this?  Maybe it’s an issue of familiarity, “old school” dealers clinging to the past.  Maybe it’s just a matter of convenience.  Maybe’s it’s an attempt to “save” money.  Whatever the reason, the [...]

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What Sets AutoMax Recruiting And Training, LLC Apart From Their Competitors?

One of the most exciting aspects all businesses face is competition.  Competition is good.  Competition is what drives individuals and organizations to excel.  Our business is no different.  The fact is there are many staffing and training companies, some excellent, some not. Moreover, the right service provider for one business may not be the best for another. This is intended to guide those in the process of considering AutoMax Recruiting and Training, LLC versus the competition. As with most things in life, experience matters.  AutoMax Recruiting and Training, LLC has completed over eleven thousand similar recruiting efforts for clients ranging from the largest in size and sales volume, to the smallest, in virtually every market throughout the country during our thirteen years of operation.  During any given week AutoMax will likely provide recruiting services to more clients than our closest competitors combined.  From porters to presidents, we recruit them all.  Experience has taught us exactly what content needs to appear within the help-wanted advertisement in order to attract the best and brightest available talent, and then to motivate those quality people to apply for the position.  Experience provides us the knowledge to share with our clients where to strategically place the help-wanted ad, maximizing exposure to the most desirable candidates.  With that experience, we created AutoMax exclusive job boards such as, and, and those are then aggregated to even more help-wanted job sites.  Experience allows us to stream line the process saving our clients both money and time. Implementation is another key factor to consider when comparing AutoMax Recruiting and Training, LLC to a competitor.  How will the results promised be accomplished?  AutoMax not only posts our clients help wanted ads to [...]

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4 Things That Sets AutoMax Recruiting And Training Apart From Their Competitors

Automax Recruiting and Training is the strongest recruiting and training Company in the automotive arena. With over 100,000 salespeople trained in all 50 states we have the experience to staff your dealership the way it should be. A Little AutoMax History AutoMax Recruiting and Training was started by Craig Lockerd over 13 years ago. With over 3 decades of automotive experience, Craig started AutoMax because of the overwhelming need for salespeople with no bad habits. Turn over was high, with salespeople moving from dealership to dealership, the industry low on fresh recruits. That's why AutoMax Recruiting and Training was born, to fill a need that was in desperate need of filling. How We Do What We Do First, we listen to our client’s needs. We take a look at what positions they are looking to hire for, how many people they need and if they need training or not (by the way we hire for every position, from porter to president). That's the real difference between what we offer and what our competition does. We offer flexibility. We hire for all positions and we don't do cookie cutter. Sure, we have a formula that works but we are able to change certain variables in that formula to suit the specific needs of both the market at the dealership. Secondly, we don't just post help wanted ads to one or two sites, you know the bottom feeders that are free and don't get a ton of traffic. If you want great salespeople and other staff at you dealership then you need to know where to look. With over 200 sites that we post to, we have the reach to find your next hire, whatever the position. [...]

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7 Questions You Must Ask Your Dealerships Staffing Services Provider

When Finding The Right Dealership Services Provider Don't Forget To Ask These Questions. Picking the right company for your business is serious business. When dealerships look to outsource some of their staffing and training to an external services provider, they do so expecting significant operational and financial benefits.  To what extent those benefits are realized, however, is largely dictated by the people and capabilities of the services provider they choose. While outsourcing staffing and training services can ultimately save a lot of money and time, managers can’t take this decision lightly.  Some managers seem to view the process in an off-hand way, in effect saying, “We’ll give it a try and if it doesn’t work, we’ll try another company.”  However, there can be significant risks to this approach.    A service provider’s failures can impact a dealership business; including lost reputation, lost revenues, and lost customers. That’s why taking the time before hand to thoroughly research prospective vendors is such a worthwhile investment. By eliminating the cost and headaches of a failed outsourcing relationship, and the time and effort required to start the process again, businesses will be in a much better position to maximize the benefits they’re looking for, and see the gains faster and for a longer period of time. The fact is there are a lot of staffing and training outsource companies, some excellent, some not. Further, the right service provider for one business may not be the best for another. To guide those in the process of searching for a new services provider, we’ve listed a few questions that decision makers should ask prospective staffing and training outsource companies. 1. Do You Have Proven Experience? The last thing your business needs is [...]

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“The Decision”…When and How Many to Hire?

“The Decision” “I’ll be taking my talents to South Beach”….oh, sorry, wrong decision [Clevelander joke] The way many dealerships make the decision when to bring on more salespeople and how many or replace under-performing salespeople has always baffled me. I have seen countless “formulas, statistical data, seasonal hiring decisions, you name it. We have had managers tell us they need 4 salespeople, we ask them why 4?” That’s how many desk we have open” Really, hiring due to number of desks? New manager starts at store and brings his “team” with him. This one is very exact “Salesperson can properly “wait on” 2.25 clients per day x 6 day work week =13.5 clients a week X 4.2 weeks per month = 56.7 clients per month, so we are “logging” 425 clients a month which would mean we need 7.49 salespeople on our floor??? “It’s the first of the year, in with the new, out with the old” I know none of you make your decisions these ways, but you know what I’m saying. Law of Diminishing Return The reasoning behind The Law of Diminishing Returns from a Dealers point-of-view in terms of hiring employees can be simplified into three stages: In the first stage, the addition of more salespeople allows for specialization of job responsibilities and increased production efficiency. The result is a larger output return for each additional unit of input. The second stage is where inputs equal outputs. Each new salesperson added will continue to increase production, but only at the same rate as the increased input of labor. The third stage is when additional salespeople will start to decrease production efficiency because the work environment is fixed in the short-run. This results [...]

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Spring Clean Up, Recruiting and Training Special

Are you looking for incremental business? Do you want more than your fair share of the market? Remember, April showers brings May flowers much like Aprils recruiting and training brings Mays profits! AutoMax is proud to present our Spring Clean Up, Recruiting and Training Special where we are offering 15% off of our already ridiculously low priced Recruiting and Training Packages. What you do at your dealership in terms of recruiting and training, in all departments, will bring HUGE results not only in May, but throughout the rest of the year! The special: ANY recruiting and/or training for ANY position with ANY of our highly effective recruiting campaigns will receive a 15% discount for the month of April! Check out our brochure online, HERE. Schedule your campaign now, dial: 800-878-5090 ext 1

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Automotive Recruitment Vlog #16 – The Race To The Bottom

Welcome to episode #16 of the Automotive Recruitment Vlog w/ Craig Lockerd. Wow, 16 already? In this episode I'm calling you out. Both the dealers and the manufacturers. It's our fault really. The ONLY reason why the customer is so fixated on price is because WE are fixated on price. How do we change that? How do we stop racing to the bottom? Watch the video: If you would like me to alert you each time I post something new just enter your email address below. Don’t worry, your info is safe with me, I HATE spam as much as you do! If you’d like to hire Automax to recruit, screen and train new salespeople, with no bad habits, at your dealership, you can contact us HERE.

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