Hiring The Right Automotive Personnel is More Involved than You Think

“Just throw an ad in the paper and tell Joe Sales Manager to handle the interviews.”   Unfortunately, this is a phrase repeated time and time again at dealerships all over the country.   The problem with this statement is twofold: first, 80% of all job seekers use the Internet as their primary source for a job search; second, Joe Sales Manager has “more important” things to do and cares very little about finding additional Salespeople, Internet Sales Managers, BDC Reps, Sales Managers, Service Techs, F&I Managers, etc. for your store.  Getting your help wanted ad in front of a large number of job seekers and subsequently being able to deal with the response from those job seekers is an extremely important and involved process that needs to be handled properly. It’s no great secret that the days of the great American newspaper are long gone.  Only 13 percent of all Americans now buy a daily newspaper.  There have been several factors that have led to the rapid decline of the newspaper in our country, but the main factor has been the rapid rise of the internet.  The internet has changed the way we get news, the way we communicate with others, the way we conduct business, and of course the way we search for a new career.  Again, none of this is ground-breaking news; newspapers have been on their last leg for some time now.  Yet, all over the country, dealerships are still using help wanted print ads to staff their stores!  Why is this?  Maybe it’s an issue of familiarity, “old school” dealers clinging to the past.  Maybe it’s just a matter of convenience.  Maybe’s it’s an attempt to “save” money.  Whatever the reason, the [...]

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4 Things That Sets AutoMax Recruiting And Training Apart From Their Competitors

Automax Recruiting and Training is the strongest recruiting and training Company in the automotive arena. With over 100,000 salespeople trained in all 50 states we have the experience to staff your dealership the way it should be. A Little AutoMax History AutoMax Recruiting and Training was started by Craig Lockerd over 13 years ago. With over 3 decades of automotive experience, Craig started AutoMax because of the overwhelming need for salespeople with no bad habits. Turn over was high, with salespeople moving from dealership to dealership, the industry low on fresh recruits. That's why AutoMax Recruiting and Training was born, to fill a need that was in desperate need of filling. How We Do What We Do First, we listen to our client’s needs. We take a look at what positions they are looking to hire for, how many people they need and if they need training or not (by the way we hire for every position, from porter to president). That's the real difference between what we offer and what our competition does. We offer flexibility. We hire for all positions and we don't do cookie cutter. Sure, we have a formula that works but we are able to change certain variables in that formula to suit the specific needs of both the market at the dealership. Secondly, we don't just post help wanted ads to one or two sites, you know the bottom feeders that are free and don't get a ton of traffic. If you want great salespeople and other staff at you dealership then you need to know where to look. With over 200 sites that we post to, we have the reach to find your next hire, whatever the position. [...]

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“The Decision”…When and How Many to Hire?

“The Decision” “I’ll be taking my talents to South Beach”….oh, sorry, wrong decision [Clevelander joke] The way many dealerships make the decision when to bring on more salespeople and how many or replace under-performing salespeople has always baffled me. I have seen countless “formulas, statistical data, seasonal hiring decisions, you name it. We have had managers tell us they need 4 salespeople, we ask them why 4?” That’s how many desk we have open” Really, hiring due to number of desks? New manager starts at store and brings his “team” with him. This one is very exact “Salesperson can properly “wait on” 2.25 clients per day x 6 day work week =13.5 clients a week X 4.2 weeks per month = 56.7 clients per month, so we are “logging” 425 clients a month which would mean we need 7.49 salespeople on our floor??? “It’s the first of the year, in with the new, out with the old” I know none of you make your decisions these ways, but you know what I’m saying. Law of Diminishing Return The reasoning behind The Law of Diminishing Returns from a Dealers point-of-view in terms of hiring employees can be simplified into three stages: In the first stage, the addition of more salespeople allows for specialization of job responsibilities and increased production efficiency. The result is a larger output return for each additional unit of input. The second stage is where inputs equal outputs. Each new salesperson added will continue to increase production, but only at the same rate as the increased input of labor. The third stage is when additional salespeople will start to decrease production efficiency because the work environment is fixed in the short-run. This results [...]

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