7 Questions You Must Ask Your Dealerships Staffing Services Provider

When Finding The Right Dealership Services Provider Don't Forget To Ask These Questions. Picking the right company for your business is serious business. When dealerships look to outsource some of their staffing and training to an external services provider, they do so expecting significant operational and financial benefits.  To what extent those benefits are realized, however, is largely dictated by the people and capabilities of the services provider they choose. While outsourcing staffing and training services can ultimately save a lot of money and time, managers can’t take this decision lightly.  Some managers seem to view the process in an off-hand way, in effect saying, “We’ll give it a try and if it doesn’t work, we’ll try another company.”  However, there can be significant risks to this approach.    A service provider’s failures can impact a dealership business; including lost reputation, lost revenues, and lost customers. That’s why taking the time before hand to thoroughly research prospective vendors is such a worthwhile investment. By eliminating the cost and headaches of a failed outsourcing relationship, and the time and effort required to start the process again, businesses will be in a much better position to maximize the benefits they’re looking for, and see the gains faster and for a longer period of time. The fact is there are a lot of staffing and training outsource companies, some excellent, some not. Further, the right service provider for one business may not be the best for another. To guide those in the process of searching for a new services provider, we’ve listed a few questions that decision makers should ask prospective staffing and training outsource companies. 1. Do You Have Proven Experience? The last thing your business needs is [...]

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How Do You Retain Top Performing Salespeople?

When asked this question, I default to my American Honda Kaizen Continuous Improvement training to give the answer. It is not a simple answer.  It is an answer based on a philosophy and new way of thinking.  When I became a Dealer, my GSM once said to me, “you don’t act or think like most Dealers.” I guess he is correct, because as a former Kaizen Trainer ... “I think it, therefore I am one with the philosophy”.  Dr. W. Edwards Deming, PhD, who transformed the thinking of Don Petersen at the Ford Motor Company and transformed the entire Japanese automobile industry, taught us that for Total Quality Management to succeed you must first transform management thinking.  The Japanese called Deming’s philosophy Kaizen. Kaizen starts with the respect for the human being and the understanding that we are born with intrinsic motivation, self-esteem, dignity, cooperation, curiosity, and a yearning for learning. Today's top performing managers now understand that intrinsic motivation comes from inside an individual rather than motivation that comes from management. This is the key in motivating people. People want to do a good job and they get pleasure working on a task that produces a common goal with others.  Management must be committed to supporting their staff by providing continuous improvement training and the tools needed to provide superior customer sales and service. Another key point Deming taught Ford Motor Company was "Eliminate management by objectives". Deming saw production targets and sales targets as the path to encouraging the delivery of poor-quality goods and services. While this is a foreign concept to most of us in the car sales business ... the reality is that when we focus on the needs of the [...]

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To Tell The Truth

Stretching the truth, embellishing, fibbing, exaggerating, fine print, or just flat out lying, whatever you want to call it, straying from absolute, 100% full disclosure is something we encounter in our Industry on a daily basis.  Are you truthful with your customers, employees, co-workers, vendors, etc?  And for that matter, should you be 100% open with them? In the world of help wanted advertising there is an enormous amount of gray area when it comes to full disclosure.  On one hand, it is vital to place as many “hooks” in a help wanted ad as possible, but on the other hand if these “hooks” are complete fabrications then they aren’t really “hooks” at all.  Just lies.  So where’s the line?  And how do you effectively walk that line without lying to job applicants? I have encountered the full gamut of answers in regard to these questions while working with Dealership Managers.  I have heard, “Just put whatever you think will get the most people,” and I have heard, “I don’t want to put earning potential in the ad because it’s misleading.”  The TRUTH is, the answer lies somewhere in between those 2 statements.  The ad needs teeth, it needs specifics, it needs POP!  But, you can’t just flat out make stuff up.  Let’s use the example of earning potential: Say you have a solid sales team, not great, but good, they are averaging around $70,000 per year, no one makes less than $50,000 and your one super star makes $150,000.  Now, what do you say in the ad?  Some might say that because the word potential is in there you could just leave it at $150,000 annual earning potential… and you could, the potential is [...]

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Do You Truly Believe In Your Store?

Apathy is something that I encounter frequently when gathering information for a help wanted ad. More often than not, I ask some basic questions, get some basic answers and my contact at the dealership gets back to work. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand the nature of our industry and I understand that most managers simply don’t have a lot of time to spend with an “Advertising Guy.” But how much extra time are we talking about here? 3 minutes, maybe 5, aren’t those 5 extra minutes worth it if they generate say 10-15 extra interviews? Which could end up producing your next super star salesperson that sells 20/month and creates $40k plus in gross profit! For that matter, is it even a question of time? If you truly believe in your store and are truly excited about the direction that your dealership is headed it should pour out of you during our conversation, and should take very little coaxing on my part. My goal as an Advertising Director with AutoMax Recruiting and Training is to generate as many quality job applicants as humanly possible in a relatively short (5-10 days) time period. In order to do this I need to get people EXCITED about working at your store. But I can’t do this unless YOU are excited about your store. You need to sell me on working at your store, so I can sell job applicants on a career with your dealership. Now I know a lot of you are probably thinking, “You’re the advertising experts, it is your job to get people in here.” And you are right that is our job, but you can’t send someone to war without a loaded [...]

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How Many Salespeople Does A Dealership Need?

I asked this question on Facebook with the hopes of starting a good debate... boy did it ever! Here is the full, unedited responses from that question. AutoMax RecruitingHow many salespeople does a dealership need??? 1 hour ago · Like · 17 comments Dan Perez That's a loaded question... some of the dealerships I have worked at have 5 per car sale... some have had 10 per car sale... what do you recommend? AutoMax Recruiting Loaded indeed...I have some thoughts,let see what others may think,I get back to you with our "formula" Ray Sciarappa Almost "any" dealership 'needs more than they have and most need more then they do - but if they are the "right ones" there's never enough or too many...how's that for SPIN!? AutoMax Recruiting lol...That's a good "spin" Ray! Chris Costner My thought would be to look at the true effectiveness of your current sales staff and compare to sales forecast. That will let you know how much more staff needed to reach goal. AutoMax Recruiting Internal forecast or factory? Karen Powell I think traffic should be a consideration ;) Dan Perez Traffic does not matter, quality people create their own traffic, I would have to say depends on training, internal processes and follow up as well as dealership goals... Chris Costner Internal as it would include preowned department as well. Wendell Hardy Great question. Every market has a different amount of units that will be sold each month. How much of that "pie" are we trying to get. Forecasting is the key(realistic internal forecasting). How many units does the store have on the lot, are they maxed at the floorplan line/limit, and how many customers come on to the lot monthly. I will [...]

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Automotive Recruitment By AutoMax Recruiting And Training

Automotive Recruitment: n. The process of attracting, screening, selecting and training qualified people to work in an automotive dealership. I started off with the definition of automotive recruitment because I thought it important to point out the four parts of  any successful recruiting campaign, and they are: Attracting the right people Screening for top talent Selecting the right people, and Training for optimal performance. In this post I will be sharing with you an exact blueprint for automotive recruitment success, in fact it's the same process that we use here at AutoMax Recruiting and Training, at dealerships all across the country, if you'd like to hire us to do the recruiting for you, you can contact us HERE. If you'd like to go it alone, just keep reading! Attracting The Right People Finding people to apply for a position at your dealership might sound easy, but if you're looking to attract more than just the people LOOKING for a job, you need to have a plan in place! Most dealerships, while trying to recruit people, post in two different places, the help wanted section of the local paper and on Craigslist. While the latter will give you a plethora of applicants the quality can be questionable, the former can be hit or miss. What's the solution? It comes in two parts actually, the first part being reach. That's right, you want as many people as possible to see your automotive recruitment ad which means you need to post it on as as many different job boards as humanly possible. At AutoMax Recruiting And Training we use well over a hundred, as well as our own internal, SEO driven job board. We use Career Builder, Monster [...]

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A Sales Team of Mothers

I have been recruiting and training new sales people. It has happened again. Dealership Management has passed on Mothers that cannot work three nights a week and Sundays. Their thinking is that it would not be fair to the other salespeople. “The floor must be covered and each team must stick to the schedule ... “We cannot allow a part time salesperson to take fresh ‘Ups’ ... it would cause problems ... no part timers and no flex schedules”. I suggested to the GM: “Let’s use the Real Estate Office model that allows part timers and flex scheduling. Just think about all the multi-million transactions that are closed by Soccer Moms on a flex schedule. They are happy, work on a schedule that allows time to manage the kids and they list new business from a network of contacts in the community. Why not model this and apply it to the Automotive business ? My Mate has a flex schedule and has sold over $40 million in homes by networking with Mothers ... just think of spider web of networks with school activities ... PTA, Scouts, Church, YMCA, Gyms, Clubs, Sports ... Soccer Moms drive and buy cars ! Why not have a Sales Team of Mothers ? I will train them to network, guerrilla market and prospect ! They will take floor traffic only after every full timer is with a customer.” There was silence ... thought ... and ... “NO, that would not work here”. A Sales Team of Mothers ... it works in The Real Estate Office ... who will be the first innovative Sales Manager to buy-in ? What say you?

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Recruiting is NOT a Dirty Word

When a dealer hears the term, “recruit” they cringe. The word scares them. Yet, the largest and most powerfull and successful companies recruit all the time. Sports teams recruit. Colleges recruit. Law firm recruit. So why not car dealers? Going after the best talent possible and training them in the processes of selling is a winning combination. Companies, such as AutoMax/Ziegler Supersystems, who are at the top, give their dealers the best talent in the area and train them to be their best. We all have comfort zones, we all can make excuses, we all can “Think” we can do it better. Well, let’s break this down. When going after new hires, one needs to advertise. The typical dealer will place an ad in the local newspaper or perhaps they will use a job board, such as Careerbuilder.  They may draw a half dozen or so candidates and then what? Well, how about being in 64 job boards using state of the art advertising techniques? Go ahead, ask me about the new ads that are about to come out? Spectacular.  Using the best ads, draw a higher talent level in greater numbers. Next, when you get an interested candidate, what do you do? Call them for an interview, correct?  The typical interview normally consists of one or two, perhaps three managers talking with the applicant and really not knowing what questions to ask. What do the managers say, I like this guy, he seemed aggressive, and looks the part. When a trainer comes to the dealer to interview, it allows the managers to do what they do best, sell cars.  All the interviews have been prescheduled by professional recruiter. Then, the trainer uses a psychologically [...]

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T’was The Night Before Payday – A Car Dealers Christmas

'Twas the night before payday, when all ‘cross the lot Not a creature was stirring, there weren’t no ups; The cars were all cleaned on the showroom with care, In hopes that some traffic soon would be there; The crusty, sour peddlers were complaining ‘bout keeping their families fed, While visions of small paychecks danced in their heads; And Managers in their swivel-chairs, and F&I taking a nap, Dreaming of a customer that would buy an E.S.C. and gap, When out on the lot there arose such a clatter, I sprang from the desk to see what was the matter. Away to the window I flew like a flash, Tore across the showroom and through the front door with a crash! The cars on the lot were all covered with snow Dozens of white lumps; how to tell them apart no one would know, When, what to my wondering eyes should appear, But a Sales Trainer and 8 recruits full of cheer. The sharp recruits were prepared with much more than just word-tracts, I knew in a moment it must be AutoMax. More rapid than eagles his trainees they came, The Trainer whistled, and shouted, and called them by name; "Now, Green-pea! now, Newby! and all of the rest! It’s showtime get selling this is your true test! To the phones! to the lot and showroom floor! Time to bring new-life to this car selling store!" As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly, When they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky, So out to the lot the recruits they flew, With snow-brooms and energy and good attitudes. And then, in a twinkling, I heard on the phones The prospecting calls gave [...]

Why Should I Work at YOUR Dealership?

We are all involved in the art of selling.  Whether it's selling a good, a service, or even yourself, successful selling is a major contributing factor to our success.  We read books, attend seminars, role play, and practice, all in order to become better salespeople.  The concept of selling is of course fundamental to any Automotive Dealership.  So why is it that when constructing a Help Wanted Ad, Dealers seem to forget about this most basic of principles?  Differentiating your dealership from your competitor’s stores should be the MAIN GOAL of any effective help wanted ad.  YOU HAVE TO SELL YOUR STORE! Help wanted advertisement needs to be looked at as an investment instead of a bother or a necessary evil.  Let’s take a look at it from a ROI perspective: Let’s say that you have 3 under-performing salespeople at your store averaging 5 units a month at $1,500 per unit.  Replace those 3 with salespeople averaging 10 units a month at $2,000 per unit (a modest upgrade) and you are looking at an increase of $37,500 per month and $450,000 per year!  Now doesn’t it make sense to budget a measly $5,000 or $10,000 a year for Help Wanted Advertising? First, be specific with your details: “Top salesperson earned $10,575 last month,” “#3 volume Ford dealer in the state,” and “Up to 35% commission,” sound better than, “Six-figure income potential,” “One of the top dealers in the area,” and “Great pay plan.”  Specific details about your store will lend instant credibility to your ad and will be certain to grab the job applicant’s attention.  Next, paint a vivid picture of your store (and I don’t mean tell us what it looks like).  You can [...]

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