Selling More F&I Products Starts Sooner Than You Think

1. The initial contact with the customer, prior to bringing in to your office, should be in the salesman’s office. A brief interview should take place. The interview should be a brief rapport building session, followed by questions as to things that may be important to them. A.      “My name is John Doe. I am the business manager. I have the obligation of securing all of your state and federal paperwork, as well as providing you with some very important information as to the available products for your new unit.” B.      How will you be using your vehicle? Commuter or long trips? Business or pleasure? C.      How long do they plan on keeping the unit? D.     Is there anything in their previous credit history you need to know about, prior to submitting the application. (This is assuming we have not done any preliminary approval) E.      I want to make sure all the information is correct on the paperwork. Will you be titling it in one or both names? Is the address and phone numbers on the worksheet correct? F.       Allow me to verify that these were the numbers that you agreed upon so I can accurately do the paperwork. G.     Thank you for the information. Give me a minute to put some paperwork together. 2. Return to your office to prepare the paperwork and the menu. When ready, invite the customer back to your office for completion of the paperwork. A.      “Congratulations on your new purchase. Before we get started, did your sales person do a good job for you? Did you get a chance to see our newly remodeled parts department? Did you see our service department? We have certified technicians who are factory [...]