AutoMax & Red Cross Oklahoma Tornado Relief Effort – Matching Contributions

In response to the devastation brought on by the tornado that swept through the city of Moore, Oklahoma, AutoMax Recruiting and Training, LLC announces a commitment to help those most in need.  Our heartfelt condolences go out to all who have been affected by the tornado.  Our commitment as an organization is to support one another in good times and in bad. AutoMax Recruiting and Training, LLC has donated $1000.00 to the American Red Cross.  We are contacting all our clients, vendors and affiliated organizations and asking them to make a contribution to the American Red Cross with the funds to support the recovery efforts for the people of Moore city. In an effort to maximize our support during this tragedy, for the next two weeks, AutoMax will contribute an additional $100.00**every time a client, vendor or affiliate of AutoMax donates $100.00 or more to the American Red Cross. How you can help:  log onto put in your donation for disaster relief, fill in the credit card or paypal information.  You will receive an e-mail receipt (confirmation) for tax purposes.  Forward the e-mail confirmation to  (Jodi Adkins, controller) and we will make the $100.00 matching donation from AutoMax for everyone who donates $100.00 or more to the Oklahoma Disaster Relief. Contact Arthur Bush, Jodi Adkins or Ernie Kasprowicz for additional information as needed. **AutoMax must receive e-mail confirmation as outlined above no later than June 6th, 2013 for AutoMax to be able to contribute the additional $100.00 as described.

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AutoMax Recruiting and Training Announces Job Placement Aid For Hurricane Sandy Victims

AutoMax Recruiting and Training, the most requested automotive recruitment company in the United States, has just announced that they are prepared to offer their services to dealerships looking to hire staff in the wake of the storm, as well as assist those that are in need of a job. "Our headquarters are in NJ, right in the path of Hurricane Sandy." Says Craig Lockerd, CEO and founder of AutoMax Recruiting and Training. "But we have made special arrangements to ensure that our dealer clients are taken care of. With trainers all over the country, we are in a unique position to ensure that dealerships are staffed and people that are left jobless due to the storm have a way to find work." In preparing for the inevitable, AutoMax has reached out to Monster Jobs to see what they can do to help in these relief efforts. "We have offices right in the path of Hurricane Sandy, we understand what people are about to go through." Said Doug Williams, inside sales consultant for Monster. "Keeping that in mind we wanted to do our part and help both AutoMax and people in need to find work, so we are offering up free listings so that AutoMax can do just that." In an effort to lessen the burden of lost jobs, AutoMax, their dozen employees and 30 trainers will be donating their time to ensure any employee who can't return back to work at their dealership has a place to work in the interim. "During Irene we had dealerships that completely closed or moved, then on top of losing their homes many folks lost their jobs." Says Gregory Gershman, recruiter and trainer at AutoMax. "With our extensive network [...]

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AutoMax Recruiting And Training Launches an Online Initiative to Assist US Military Veterans Transitioning Back into the Civilian Workforce

Mays Landing, NJ January 19, 2012 AutoMax Recruiting And Training has launched an aggressive online initiative, that utilizes a comprehensive set of online tools, to bring both awareness and aid to the growing need of finding work for US Military Vets. "As some 40,000 troops have returned home this holiday season," says Craig Lockerd, CEO of Automax Recruiting And Training. "Many of the brave men and women that fought for our freedom will be transitioning into the civilian workforce, some for the first time." To help meet the demand, AutoMax Recruiting And Training developed a vets only job board at for returning vets and employers looking to hire them. Each job posting will be fed to multiple other job boards including the Veteran Job Bank. "We didn't stop there though," says Craig Lockerd. "We are taking it a step further and have started dozens of conversations, all over the internet, mostly with auto dealers, about the importance of hiring US Military Vets. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and we've already began a few campaigns to fill job openings with veteran job seekers." is more than a military job board, it will also house a comprehensive collection of information for both businesses that want to fill their job openings with US Military Vets and the actual vets themselves. For instance, for those businesses that want to take part in the VOW To Hire Heroes Act, that President Barack Obama signed into law on the 21st of November, can find all the info they need to take advantage of up to $9,600 in tax credit, for each US Military Vet they hire. "I've recruited, hired and trained thousands of people in the auto industry," [...]

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AutoMax Recruiting And Training Announces A Free Sales Training Community For Automotive Sales People

PRESS RELEASE Mays Landing, NJ - Dedicated to building a better salesperson AutoMax Recruiting and Training has offered up a free, on-demand, sales training resource for automotive sales people. "I'm not really sure why some trainers hold on to their material like it was the holy grail," says Craig Lockerd, Founder and CEO of AutoMax Recruiting And Training. "I believe, in order to create a truly better salesperson, one that will help to shape a new future for the auto industry, that unfiltered sales training resources must be readily available. Now, I'm not talking about giving out just enough information so that you will get hired by the dealership, I'm talking about everything a salesperson needs to be successful, from the meet and greet to prospecting and follow-up. That's Sales Stud!" Built from the ground up to be a comprehensive sales library of closes, openers, prospecting techniques, word-tracks, and much more, Sales Stud offers a wide variety of learning aids, from video and audio, to the written word. Sales Stud even offers a comprehensive, members only community, where salespeople can engage with other salespeople and ask questions of industry experts. AutoMax Recruiting And Training has made the distinction between Sales Stud and industry social networks such as DealerElite and ADM by referring to it as a Sale Training Community. What that means is there is a strong emphasis on learning and training with a focus on automotive sales. "Think of it as a virtual sales trainer," says Craig Lockerd. "One that you don't have to pay for, one that holds nothing back!" Currently, Sales Stud offers dozens and dozens of videos, hours of audio and thousands of words, all aimed at creating a better salesperson. [...]

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AutoMax Recruiting & Training Partners With Hire The Winners And The Car Sales Simulator

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Mays Landing, NJ  - August 17th, 2011 - AutoMax Recruiting And Training, the country's most requested automotive sales recruiting and training company, announces today, a strategic partnership with Hire The Winners, the creator of the Car Sales Simulator, a virtual automotive sales simulator, scientifically validated to pinpoint top producers. "While we've always thought our recruiting and sales training services to be the best in the business," says Craig Lockerd, the CEO of AutoMax Recruiting And Training. "The Car Sales Simulator vastly improves the offerings that we bring to auto dealers. Now, instead of saying that we recruit, hire and train we can now say, thanks to Hire The Winners and The Car Sales Simulator, that we now recruit, screen, train and retain!" What this means to the auto industry is a deeper level of knowledge on a prospective salesperson, and their sales potential, before they're ever hired and talk to a live customer. "Some people may interview well," says Steve Munyan, president and national sales director of Hire The Winners. "But unless they take The Car Sales Simulator, you'll never know their true sales potential. For instance, once a prospective salesperson goes through The Car Sales Simulator, you'll know upfront their level of motivation, empathy, sales aptitude and knowledge. All key indicators of sales potential." With The Car Sales Simulator, AutoMax Recruiting And Training has a powerful tool to aid auto dealers in the screening  of potential recruits, gauging sales training effectiveness and the ability to predict employee retention. With over 16,000 simulations done to date, The Car Sales Simulator boasts an 82% retention rate of automotive sales people categorized as recommended, after two years. For those that are recommended with reservation, [...]

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AutoMax Recruiting & Training Announces Strategic Partnership With AutoPro, One Of The Top Fixed Operation Companies In The World

AutoMax Recruiting & Training, the nation's most requested salesperson recruiting and training company in North America has announced a strategic partnership with Jim Bernardi of AutoPro where they can offer their clients a way to dramatically increase their fixed operation revenue. Mays Landing, NJ, January 17th, 2011:  AutoMax in it's never ending desire to meet the ever evolving needs of its clients has partnered with the one of the top fixed operations companies in the world, AutoPro. What this means is that each of AutoMax's clients has the opportunity, without having to spend time and resources, not to mention failed promises, looking for a training company to aid them in increasing their fixed operations revenue.  AutoMax has done all the hard work for them and has found a fixed operations company in AutoPro who's reputation is only surpassed by the level of work they do. Craig Lockerd, Founder and CEO of Automax Recruiting & Training has this to say about AutoPro: “AutoMax is proud and honored to have formed a partnership with one of the top Fixed Operations companies in the world. Jim and his people take doing business the right way to another level, It's really not that hard to increase profit and production in any service department, but to do it with integrity and the client's best interests in mind is achieved by very few, that's why we picked Jim to help all AutoMax Clients." In the auto industry, selling cars seems to come before servicing cars but almost every dealership out there knows that if you want to keep customers coming back you must give them top notch service when something breaks down or routine maintenance is needed. AutoMax's partnership with AutoPro [...]

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AutoMax Recruiting & Training Announces Strategic Partnership With Relyable

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AutoMax Recruiting & Training, the nation's most requested salesperson recruiting and training company in North America has announced a strategic partnership with Lane Campbell and Relyable.Org to give new automotive salespeople a free way to market their reputation online. Mays Landing, NJ, January 14th, 2011:  In its drive to hire, train and equip the next generation of automotive sales people, AutoMax Recruiting & Training has partnered with Relyable.Org to give all new hires access to a state of the art reputation marketing tool. What this means is that each student, hired and trained by an official recruiting and training consultant of AutoMax will receive, free of charge , a comprehensive marketing tool that will aid the new hire in pulling in new customers through the power of the testimonial. Lane Campbell, CEO and founder of had this to say about Relyable. “For the new hire, Relyable is a free, cutting edge, Digital Evidence Manual on the web. For Dealerships it is the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to generate High Influence Advertising.  Traditional advertising is expensive, requires constant re-investment to "keep it going" and is "watered down" because of how many different ways there are to advertise.  Shoppers report that good online reviews are more impactful than advertising and anything said by the salesperson.  71% of shoppers report reading reviews before making a purchase. This results in a much shorter shopping process for customers as they are reading about Dealers before they set foot in a showroom.  Joe Martin recently told us that research shows that, just a couple of years ago shoppers were visiting 5 Dealers before they bought a car. Today, they visit 2 dealerships before taking delivery. No [...]

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