Your BDC Department – Managing Expectations Using The 4×4 Method Of Accountability

Just like in sales it's important that you set goals, but even more importantly that you ensure the goals are being met in the BDC. The BDC, or the business development center, can be a huge profit center for the dealerships that do it right, the opposite for those that don't. In order for the BDC to be profitable you must take a methodical approach to management, that is, you must manage by percentages. The 4x4 Method of BDC Accountability While there are many different percentages that can be tracked lets take a look at the most important ones, they are: Contact Rate Set Rate Show Rate, and Sold Rate Each one of these must be tracked on a daily basis, they can both make or break the dealerships month. I get asked the question all the time, "Craig, what are some of the benchmark numbers for a contact, set, show and sold rate?" There really is no easy answer to that question because it all depends if it's new car or used car leads, prime or subprime. Each one will be different, instead lets take a look at your goals and do some math. Lets say you want your BDC to be the cause over 100 sales this month, how are you going to get there? First, take a look at your lead count, lets say you get an average of 750 leads per month. That means you must have a lead to sale rate of  13.4%, very doable. From there, lets back it out and figure out what the overall contact, set, show and sold rates must be in order to reach that 13.4% Contact = 80% Contact Rate or 600 set appointments [...]

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Straight Talk With Ernie K: Who Is Your Hero

In a continuing series of dialogue, we at AutoMax Recruiting and Training, LLC wondered whether or not it is important to have a hero to admire.  We questioned what makes a person a hero to others?  Why care about accomplishments of others?  What difference does it make to you? Spanning the duration of every industry, including the automotive industry, there are individuals who are leaders; who inspire, motivate and propel others to greater levels of achievement.  Heroes come from all backgrounds and their contributions can be well documented.  Take, for example, Robert Bosch, the eleventh of twelve children.  During 1897, Bosch was the first to adapt a magneto to a vehicle engine. In doing so, he solved one of the greatest technical problems faced by the nascent automotive industry. The invention of the first commercially viable high-voltage spark plug as part of a magneto-based ignition system by Robert Bosch's engineer, Gottlob Honold, in 1902 greatly enhanced the development of the internal combustion engine.  Bosch launched innovations for the motor vehicle, including diesel fuel injection in 1927.  In only a few years' time, he succeeded in turning his company from a small automotive supplier into a multinational electronics group.  Is he a hero?  I would say yes!  Not only did he personally develop a product of value from which nearly everyone has benefitted, but he also inspired others to take his idea and further improve upon it, and was a very successful businessman during the course of his life. Granted, intentionally, the example is of a person of whom most people are unaware, as he passed away in 1942.  Nonetheless, it brings to point that a hero can be anyone we want to consider a hero.  We should all be inspired [...]

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Automax Recruiting & Training Announces Gene Diehm as 2010 Automotive Sales Trainer Of The Year

Automax Recruiting & Training, the nation's most requested salesperson recruiting and training company in North America has announced Gene Diehm as Automotive Sales Trainer of The Year for 2010. Mays Landing, NJ, December 14th, 2010:  At their annual trainers conference in Atlantic City Gene Diehm was awarded Automotive Sales Trainer of The Year for 2010. Through his dedication to both his dealer clients and students Gene has shown that he consistently makes  a difference in lives of those he teaches. " Wow. I can tell you that the last couple years in the car business has been a very humbling time for all of us." Says Gene Diehm. "You would think that when business slows down a little, we could relax and enjoy it. Well in a perfect world. I want to thank all of my dealer clients, owners, general managers, fellow trainers, and all of my students, without you....well. As an automotive sales trainer I have the opportunity every day to positively affect someone's life. I take that responsibility very seriously, and as i look back on my own sales career, I am reminded of those who had a positive impact  on me. Clint McGee....Jackie Cooper.....Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.....Joe Verde....Sean Gardner....Tim Kintz.....Jeff Filhaber...Jim Ziegler......Fran Taylor....Craig Lockerd.... I guess you can say that I am pretty lucky to have known all of them. How can I not be trainer of the year having all these guys in my corner? Everyone in our industry has had a mentor that pretty well defines what we become. For me I am going to  tell you without reservation that William E. Owens hired me in the car business, trained, pushed, promoted, fired, and motivated me. Bill instilled in me [...]

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Automax Recruiting & Training Announces Strategic Partnership With DealerWorld

Press Release Automax Recruiting & Training, the nation's most requested salesperson recruiting and training company in North America has announced a strategic partnership with Troy Spring and DealerWorld, a unique marketing and advertising firm that caters to car dealers. Mays Landing, NJ, December 14th, 2010: In its drive to bring the best ROI possible to its dealer clients, Automax Recruiting & Training has partnered with DealerWorld to bring best in service direct mail advertising to auto dealers. Strategically this means that Automax now has the ability to hire and train a world class sales force as well as, through the help of DealerWorld, bring in people that want to buy. With the amount of marketing companies out there, that cater to the auto industry, Troy Spring and DealerWorld offers a unique perspective. Ernie Kasprowicz had this to say about DealerWorld: “No gifts, No gimmicks, Brings Buyers sums up the no–nonsense all out effort that Troy Spring and DealerWorld bring to their dealer clients’ direct mail event sale.  If the measure of a man is his word, than Troy is a man you want to do business with.” DealerWorld has taken the auto industry by storm and has broken every rule that dealers thought were part of direct mail campaigns. "If you're looking for the highest traffic conversion possible," Troy Spring, CEO of DealerWorld starts, "Then what I do isn't going to work. I'm from the car business, I'm from the direct mail business and the two have been married for a long time but the relationship has been rocky for just as long. Everybody knows what I'm talking about, I'm talking about the gimmicks and free gifts, the direct mail campaigns that bring in nothing [...]

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Automax Recruiting & Training Announces a New Addition to the Family, Nancy Simmons

Press Release Automax Recruiting & Training, the nation's most requested salesperson recruiting and training company in North America has brought Nancy Simmons, a 33 year veteran of the auto industry, on board as a full employee of Automax. Mays Landing, NJ, December 1st, 2010: Automax has recruited Nancy Simmons in the key role of customer relations and implementation. With her astounding 33 years in the auto industry she has held most positions in a dealership ranging from the parts department to general manager. Her customer centric leadership style is both refreshing and sorely lacking in the auto industry and is the biggest reason why she landed on the radar of Automax founder and CEO, Craig Lockerd. "I have truly been blessed to surround myself with people of great character," says Craig Lockerd, "that have huge hearts and a passion for changing the future of the automobile business, one salesperson, one dealer at a time, Nancy Simmons is one of those people. Welcome to the AutoMax family Nancy!" Nancy's role will include dealerships relations, retention and sales. Her specific skill sets will be used for the overall betterment of both Automax Recruiting and Training and their dealer clients. After 33 years, of which the last 22 were at the same dealership in the same position, Nancy will increase the relationship that Automax and their dealer clients now possess. "Incredible! AutoMax has aggressively recruited Nancy Simmons in a key executive position of customer relations and solutions implementation." Says Jim Ziegler CEO Ziegler SuperSystems. "I have known Nancy for several years now....AND... her organizational and productivity skills are world-class.. I am proud to be associated with AutoMax and the quality team we are building to offer dealerships relevant [...]

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Automax Recruiting & Training Announces a Comprehensive Training Partnership with Ziegler SuperSystems

Press Release Automax Recruiting & Training, the nation's most requested salesperson and training company in North America has reached an ongoing training agreement with Jim Ziegler and Ziegler SuperSystems. With this dynamic partnership Automax will add ongoing sales and management training to its dealer client training repertoire using the Ziegler SuperSystem training platform, the most dynamic, in-depth training of its kind. Mays Landing, NJ, November 16th, 2010: Two staples in the auto industry, recruiting and training, as personified by Automax Recruiting & Training and Ziegler SuperSystem has teamed up to offer a comprehensive  training package for auto dealers across the country. "This will allow more dealers across North America to have access to Ziegler Super Systems and will create profit opportunities [for auto dealers] that may have only been dreamed about." Says Craig Lockerd of Automax "It also brings Jim's clients the chance to professionally recruit and initially train salespeople at their dealerships, the AutoMax Way!" With this partnership auto dealers across the country, in Canada and in Puerto Rico have access to one of the most comprehensive recruitment and training programs available. Auto dealers are always on the lookout for better ongoing training opportunities to sell more cars and increase their bottom line. With this partnership they have access to hiring as well as initial and ongoing training for both their sales force and management team. "This is exciting stuff," Says Ric Morrow, an automotive sales training consultant, "This is probably one of the biggest announcements the auto industry has had in awhile, this changes everything!" What this means to an auto dealer is they now have access to a total sales force training and recruiting package, without having to hire multiple companies. This [...]

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10 Traits of Successful Automotive Salespeople

This is a guest post by Mike Phillips of, leave him a comment and check out his blog. You'll be impressed! If you’ve made the plunge and you have drive, desire and tenacity paired with a charming smile and armor like thick skin, then you have a good foundation to be a professional sales consultant.  While not everyone is cut out to make it as a salesperson, there are certain traits that will guarantee a person’s success in ANY sales career.  In addition to what’s listed here, there are a myriad of other traits, talents and skill sets that are either inherent or learned behaviors; keep in mind things like energy, enthusiasm and charisma can’t be learned.  Here is my “Top 10 List” of traits that can be learned or developed, to be a successful salesperson. 1.       They create yeses. While we know that any salesperson hears “NO” far more than they hear that yes.  A real sales pro creates yeses throughout their entire sales process.  I read an article by Tom Hopkins titled “Question Right and Sink Your Teeth into Success.”  This article is all about creating yes response with the use of tie-down questions, if you haven’t read it, find it and read it, it’s brilliant!  On top of that, in sales the key is to get at least 45 yeses to the BIG YES!  The truly successful know how to ask the same question multiple ways to turn any question into a yes answer. 2.       They know the art to closing. That’s right closing is an art, closing needs to be consistent, closing is NOT an event, it is a process.  Newer sales people believe that the “closer” will come over, [...]

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