Hello, my name is Craig Lockerd and I've got some really exciting news for you. News that will go a long way to helping you sell more cars, without you having to spend more money on advertising, or even increasing your traffic for that matter!

"What is it," you say? Well, before I get into exactly what I'm talking about, and as you sit there and read every word of what I'm about to say, I want you to promise me that you will keep an open mind. Not only that, but that you will also take the action that I'm going to ask you to take at the end. Ready? Okay, lets begin.

My Story

As most of you will no doubt know, I'm the founder and CEO of AutoMax Recruiting And Training, a professional recruiting and training company dedicated to the auto industry. I feel that what we do, we do better than most, but if you take a look at some of our competitors offerings, you will no doubt see a similarity.

Each one of us will place ads for your job openings, set interviews, train those that make it through the interview process and then present those that made it through training for hiring consideration. Again, I feel we do this better than most, but now we offer something that NONE of our competitors can claim!

We have partnered with Hire The Winners and a such we have exclusive use of The Car Sales Simulator!

The Car Sales Simulator

Developed in the trenches  by real car guys, using real life scenarios, The Car Sales

Simulator is able to predict, with uncanny ability, whether or not a sales person has the potential  to become a top sales performer. The only sales simulator of its kinds, The Car Sales Simulator uses interactive video to present potential salespeople with a set of decisions that will either lead to the sale or down another path all together. A path that could, at the least, lose them the sale or a path that could land them at the sales managers desk for a “taking to.” It’s in these decisions that The Car Sales Simulator is able to gauge the core competencies that make up an above average, automotive salesperson.

DO YOU SEE WHAT THIS MEANS!? It means that we no longer have to guess at sales aptitude! As we all know, just because somebody interviews well, doesn't mean that they are going to make it on the sales floor. With AutoMax Recruiting And Training, strengthened by the Car Sales Simulator, we are able to pick out the true winners from all the wannabees and present you with a true sales professional!

So, Would You Like To Sell More Cars Without Spending A Dime More In Advertising?

Think about it, by having salespeople that close higher you will sell more of the traffic you are getting now. If salesperson A talks to 100 people, but closed only 10% of the people they talk too then they've sold just 10 cars. But, if salesperson B talks to the same amount of people and closes 25% of the people then that's 25 sales, a full15 more than salesperson A!

At AutoMax Recruiting And Training, through our strategic partnership with The Car Sales Simulator, we have the ability to hire more of salesperson B, thus creating you more sales... without having to spend a dime more on advertising!

Here Is What I Need You To Do

Make the decision to increase your sales today and then contact me using the form below. Conversations don't cost anything and who knows, maybe we can have you selling  more cars, more effectively, by this time next week!

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