We've Conducted Over 12,000 Automotive Recruitment Campaigns, In All 50 States,Canada and Puerto Rico!

At AutoMax Recruiting & Training we specialize in the recruitment and training of professional automotive salespeople,internet sales,BDC,service personnel and all managment positions. We've recruited and placed over 110,000 people into dealerships over the last 15 years, each one recruited and trained by industry experts.

AutoMax Recruiting And Training is the most requested automotive recruitment and training company in North America.

We take pride in working with dealerships that have the best reputations in both large, metropolitan cities and smaller, remote, rural areas.  We have conducted over 12,000 recruiting campaigns at automobile and RV dealerships, as well as many other sales-related industries in all 50 states , Canada and Puerto Rico. Our focus is to assist you in attracting, screening, recruiting, training and retaining the top sales professionals in your market.

AutoMax continues to be on the cutting edge of our industry by using all of the latest technology to find the most qualified job seekers in any market. We know how to tap into your market and attract exactly the type of sales people you're looking for. Even in the toughest of markets with extremely low unemployment, we manage to find our clients the perfect candidates for their dealership. AutoMax Recruiting and Training has more data points to search for top talent than any other automotive recruitment company in the country.Ask about our "Talent Network"

AutoMax has been the industry leader in the recruitment and development of career minded people that are committed, well trained with no bad habits, for 15  years. The reason we have had this success is pretty simple, latest technology, killer ads, pre screening, relationship building between the applicant and AutoMax, follow up and our passion to help people.

Automotive Sales Training Done Right!

Each one of our highly trained automotive sales trainers will take the time to get to know the sales environment at your dealership, because we understand that each dealership is different! From there, we will recruit the the right people, based off of our proprietary, psycho-graphic mapping, of successful salespeople all over North America.

Once an applicant has passed our in-depth, sales recruitment screening, we will train them on the latest automotive sales success techniques. If you're looking for professional automotive sales trainers that go above and beyond ALL expectation then you have come to the right place! Remember we are a full service automotive recruitment company and can staff your entire dealership regardless of the position or department!

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