Mays Landing, NJ - Dedicated to building a better salesperson AutoMax Recruiting and Training has offered up a free, on-demand, sales training resource for automotive sales people.

"I'm not really sure why some trainers hold on to their material like it was the holy grail," says Craig Lockerd, Founder and CEO of AutoMax Recruiting And Training. "I believe, in order to create a truly better salesperson, one that will help to shape a new future for the auto industry, that unfiltered sales training resources must be readily available. Now, I'm not talking about giving out just enough information so that you will get hired by the dealership, I'm talking about everything a salesperson needs to be successful, from the meet and greet to prospecting and follow-up. That's Sales Stud!"

Built from the ground up to be a comprehensive sales library of closes, openers, prospecting techniques, word-tracks, and much more, Sales Stud offers a wide variety of learning aids, from video and audio, to the written word. Sales Stud even offers a comprehensive, members only community, where salespeople can engage with other salespeople and ask questions of industry experts.

AutoMax Recruiting And Training has made the distinction between Sales Stud and industry social networks such as DealerElite and ADM by referring to it as a Sale Training Community. What that means is there is a strong emphasis on learning and training with a focus on automotive sales.

"Think of it as a virtual sales trainer," says Craig Lockerd. "One that you don't have to pay for, one that holds nothing back!"

Currently, Sales Stud offers dozens and dozens of videos, hours of audio and thousands of words, all aimed at creating a better salesperson. "We're going to keep adding to the materiel available," says Craig. "Our goal is to keep it relevant and keep it timely."

Most resources such as Sales Stud costs around $100 - $200 a month but AutoMax Recruiting And Training is offering it absolutely free as a resource to any salesperson, sales manager, general manager or anybody else in automotive sales that is interested in increasing their craft.

AutoMax Recruiting And Training has been relevant for a very long time because they get it, they understand that in order to sell in today's market that you must adjust to the changing times, Sales Stud reflects that methodology with up to date sales techniques that constantly evolve. Membership is free and will always remain that way, you can sign up for Sales Stud and learn more about what is offered by going here: