AutoMax Recruiting & Training, the nation's most requested salesperson recruiting and training company in North America has announced a strategic partnership with Lane Campbell and Relyable.Org to give new automotive salespeople a free way to market their reputation online.

Mays Landing, NJ, January 14th, 2011:  In its drive to hire, train and equip the next generation of automotive sales people, AutoMax Recruiting & Training has partnered with Relyable.Org to give all new hires access to a state of the art reputation marketing tool.

What this means is that each student, hired and trained by an official recruiting and training consultant of AutoMax will receive, free of charge , a comprehensive marketing tool that will aid the new hire in pulling in new customers through the power of the testimonial.

Lane Campbell, CEO and founder of had this to say about Relyable.

For the new hire, Relyable is a free, cutting edge, Digital Evidence Manual on the web. For Dealerships it is the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to generate High Influence Advertising.  Traditional advertising is expensive, requires constant re-investment to "keep it going" and is "watered down" because of how many different ways there are to advertise.  Shoppers report that good online reviews are more impactful than advertising and anything said by the salesperson.  71% of shoppers report reading reviews before making a purchase. This results in a much shorter shopping process for customers as they are reading about Dealers before they set foot in a showroom.  Joe Martin recently told us that research shows that, just a couple of years ago shoppers were visiting 5 Dealers before they bought a car. Today, they visit 2 dealerships before taking delivery. No wonder traffic is down!

In the "new" economy buyers are putting more emphases on who they know and who they trust before spending their hard earned money on high ticket items such as automobiles. Today more than ever, as a society , we are putting more value on our dollars and looking toward the reviews and testimonials of others before we make a decision on where to spend them.

With than in mind Craig Lockerd, CEO and founder of AutoMax Recruiting & Training had this to say about the partnership.

" Each one of my automotive sales recruiters are instructed to locate and hire the best of the best. We believe in hiring intelligent men and woman, with no previous automotive sales training, and giving them an education that allows them to make a great living in automotive sales. Along those same lines we are always looking for ways to give our students the upper hand, so when I had the opportunity to meet with Lane Campbell I knew I had to work something out with him because what he has in Relyable is just thing that will give our students the competitive edge. I have been in the auto industry for 38 years now and it's not often a game changer like Relyable comes along."

In this strategic partnership each and every student of AutoMax will receive, free of charge, a Relyable account where they can request and market the testimonials of past customers so that their future car buyers can see and be influenced by them, thus becoming customers themselves.

About AutoMax Recruiting & Training

AutoMax has been the industry leader in the recruitment and development of career minded people that are committed, well trained and with no bad habits for over 12 years, with over 10,500 recruiting and training campaigns and over 87,000 people trained. They are able to do this through proper ads, pre-screening, ongoing relationship between applicant and AutoMax, through their follow up and desire to help people succeed.


Craig Lockerd

CEO of AutoMax Recruiting & Training