Retention begins with attitude and ends with training. Simply put, if your head isn’t in it, you lose.  The car business, for better or worse has always been a business of negativity. The LEADS are weak? You ARE Weak!!!! That was the motivation.

If you want your staff not to be “weak”, train them properly, role play, share your knowledge. Make them better.  Unfortunately, most managers do not possess the time or talent to train. Can the dealer afford to take your best managers off the floor to train the salesstaff?

By the way, do you know what we mean when we say “Training?”  Training isn’t just presenting information to a group of dead faces. Training is a four step process:

  1. First you explain,
  2. Then demonstrate,
  3. Then observe and then,
  4. Correct.

The process never changes.  If you just explain, you are short changing your staff by three steps.  They will NEVER improve.

Knowledge is not power. It is the use of the knowledge that is powerful.  We just cannot put words on a board and magically expect a group of “professionals” to take it to heart. We need to show them that the information presented will make them better.  Having knowledge and not to utlize it is worse than not having the knowledge.   That is why we have profession trainers.  They not only have the knowledge, they can translate, show, train and correct so your staff will no longer be weak, and neither will you.

Want to retain, then train…  Your thoughts?