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Who Else Want's A Sales Floor Full Of Super Stars?

Our two week campaign will bring you over the top results in both quantity and quality of "Committed, Well Trained Salespeople, with no Bad Sales Habits."

First, AutoMax will develop, write, place and post, cutting edge help wanted ads to literally hundreds of job boards and other online portals, as well as reverse search thousands of local resumes in order catch the attention of everyone in your area.

Second, five (5) AutoMax employees, working remotely, are involved in your campaign to ensure its success using email, phone and social media to communicate with prospective salespeople.

Third, AutoMax will complete all scheduling of applicants and gauge initial sales ability using Hire the Winners "Car Sales Simulator".

Fourth, 3 days of interviews conducted by one of our experienced, professional Recruiter/Trainers.

Fifth, seven and a half (7 ½) day of comprehensive training to provide you with "plug and play professionals".

Sixth, "Friends and Family Training" with weekend homework assignment for new hires will flood your sales floor with their friends and family to "practice" and not take any floor traffic.  Typically their friends and family buy cars and this can potentially pay for your entire investment.

Seventh, up to 3 additional hires for any department in your dealership from "Porters to Presidents!"

These services purchased separately have a retail value of over $12,885. This first time "Super-Sized" offering is available to select dealers for an investment of only $8695.  Terms:  50% prior to campaign, balance on last day!  No hidden costs; includes all posting, reverse searches, email campaigns, phone calls, appointment setting, screening tools taken twice over the 2 weeks, interviews, training, all materials, trainer travel and up to 3 other hires in the dealership.

This special package is for dealers that need to recruit, screen, interview and train a minimum of 8 salespeople or more plus 1-3 other employees.

AutoMax does have more basic packages for all size dealers and any recruiting, staffing, training needs your dealerships may have, regardless of scope.

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