AutoMax Recruiting and Training to Launch the Talent Network – A New Breed of Career Site


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AutoMax Recruiting and Training, the leading automotive recruiting firm in North America, is pleased to announce their 2014 recruitment initiative, the Talent Network. The Talent Network is a career site that actively builds, measures and engages a pipeline of relevant talent through improved search engine visibility and social media awareness.

We’re always looking for ways to use technology to find better talent and reach more would-be-job-seekers,” says Craig Lockerd, CEO and founder of AutoMax Recruiting and Training. “The Talent Network will be one of our biggest initiatives in 2014, ensuring our clients have access to an ever expanding pool of the key talent they need to support their business growth.”

While the Talent Network will help AutoMax Recruiting and Training to help dealerships build their talent pipeline, there is also a huge benefit to job seekers. “By job seekers joining the Talent Network they will be given first access to positions that match their exact interests,” continues Lockerd. “Job seekers will be able to fill out a short profile that will then be matched against opportunities that meet those interests; they will then get an alert in their email asking them to apply.”

There are many jobs that go unfilled each year because there is disconnect between the employer and the job seeker. Those disconnects mainly lie in the fact that the two have a hard time coming together. That’s the niche that the Talent Network aims to remedy by giving both passive and active job seekers access to a network of willing employers looking for their specific set of skills.

It’s always been our desire to bring together the right people and the right employer,” says Lockerd. “It’s good for the employee, it’s good for the employer and it’s good for our country.”

By building the Talent Netwok AutoMax Recruiting and Training is confident that both their clients and job candidates will benefit. Employers will have the ability to tap into a candidate pool of untapped talent, while the job seeker is presented with jobs that match their skills. To learn more about the Talent Network, please visit


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