Automax Recruiting & Training, the nation's most requested salesperson recruiting and training company in North America has announced Gene Diehm as Automotive Sales Trainer of The Year for 2010.

Mays Landing, NJ, December 14th, 2010:  At their annual trainers conference in Atlantic City Gene Diehm was awarded Automotive Sales Trainer of The Year for 2010. Through his dedication to both his dealer clients and students Gene has shown that he consistently makes  a difference in lives of those he teaches.

" Wow. I can tell you that the last couple years in the car business has been a very humbling time for all of us." Says Gene Diehm. "You would think that when business slows down a little, we could relax and enjoy it. Well in a perfect world. I want to thank all of my dealer clients, owners, general managers, fellow trainers, and all of my students, without you....well.

As an automotive sales trainer I have the opportunity every day to positively affect someone's life. I take that responsibility very seriously, and as i look back on my own sales career, I am reminded of those who had a positive impact  on me. Clint McGee....Jackie Cooper.....Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.....Joe Verde....Sean Gardner....Tim Kintz.....Jeff Filhaber...Jim Ziegler......Fran Taylor....Craig Lockerd.... I guess you can say that I am pretty lucky to have known all of them. How can I not be trainer of the year having all these guys in my corner?

Everyone in our industry has had a mentor that pretty well defines what we become. For me I am going to  tell you without reservation that William E. Owens hired me in the car business, trained, pushed, promoted, fired, and motivated me. Bill instilled in me the desire to achieve, the heart to persevere, an opportunity to better myself, and a dogged determination to be the "baddest" cat in the jungle."

"My greatest wish," Gene goes on to say, "is that they are all proud of me."

Craig Lockerd, CEO of  Automax had this to say about Gene Diehm, "Gene personifies what it means to be an automotive sales trainer for Automax Recruiting & Training. We train new salespeople, in the car business for the first time, a lot of them learning a skill that will have a positive impact on their lives and their families lives. Gene takes that very seriously and for those that are lucky enough to have him as a sales trainer are better equipped to make a career of selling cars, while they themselves, have a positive impact on others. Gene, you deserve this award, congratulations!"

About Automax Recruiting & Training

AutoMax has been the industry leader in the recruitment and development of career minded people that are committed, well trained and with no bad habits for over 11 years. They are able to do this through proper ads, pre-screening, ongoing relationship between applicant and Automax, through their follow up and desire to help people succeed.


Craig Lockerd

CEO of Automax Recruiting & Training