Press Release

Automax Recruiting & Training, the nation's most requested salesperson recruiting and training company in North America has announced a strategic partnership with Troy Spring and DealerWorld, a unique marketing and advertising firm that caters to car dealers.

Mays Landing, NJ, December 14th, 2010: In its drive to bring the best ROI possible to its dealer clients, Automax Recruiting & Training has partnered with DealerWorld to bring best in service direct mail advertising to auto dealers.

Strategically this means that Automax now has the ability to hire and train a world class sales force as well as, through the help of DealerWorld, bring in people that want to buy. With the amount of marketing companies out there, that cater to the auto industry, Troy Spring and DealerWorld offers a unique perspective. Ernie Kasprowicz had this to say about DealerWorld:

No gifts, No gimmicks, Brings Buyers sums up the no–nonsense all out effort that Troy Spring and DealerWorld bring to their dealer clients’ direct mail event sale.  If the measure of a man is his word, than Troy is a man you want to do business with.”

DealerWorld has taken the auto industry by storm and has broken every rule that dealers thought were part of direct mail campaigns.

"If you're looking for the highest traffic conversion possible," Troy Spring, CEO of DealerWorld starts, "Then what I do isn't going to work. I'm from the car business, I'm from the direct mail business and the two have been married for a long time but the relationship has been rocky for just as long. Everybody knows what I'm talking about, I'm talking about the gimmicks and free gifts, the direct mail campaigns that bring in nothing but gift seekers that waste your time matching up numbers to see if they won a fold up grill.

What I do is so totally different from what most dealers are used to, so instead of thinking in terms of the mail piece to traffic ratio I want you to start thinking of closing ratio because that's what I do. I attract car buyers, not gift seekers and therein lies the difference. Partnering with Craig Lockerd and Automax is the best business decision I've ever made, I have the utmost respect for what they do and am excited about business going forward!"

In a time when dealers are looking to their vendors for more and more input on other aspects of the car business, Automax has stepped forward to create strategic allegiances with leaders in their respective field.

"I have been in the automobile business for 38 years," says Craig Lockerd, founder and CEO of Automax, " and have seen literally hundreds of event companies and direct mail "gurus"....never  have I met a man and a company that actually does what they say and in fact always goes beyond what is promised and delivers beyond that which is expected. When AutoMax decided to put together the nation's best to provide dealers with solutions in every area of their dealerships, it took no thought at all to pick DealerWorld to bring buyers, not gift seekers into our clients stores. Increased traffic, increased buyers, increased profit and CSI, that's what both Automax and DealerWorld stand for, this partnership is a no brainer.

"While we visit hundreds of dealerships each year," Continues Craig, "and discuss their current needs, the number one challenge for dealers is getting traffic on the lot... Now we can provide that for them."

Everybody at Automax is excited about this partnership, new recruit Nancy Simmons had this to say:

"If accountability is important to you, than DealerWorld is the company you want to do business with!  You see, Troy Spring, CEO shifts the accountability and the pressure to perform from the dealership staff to himself and his company.  He does not promise excessive traffic to your lots, but he does provide strong themed campaigns which attract true buyers to your dealership!"

About Automax Recruiting & Training

AutoMax has been the industry leader in the recruitment and development of career minded people that are committed, well trained and with no bad habits for over 11 years. They are able to do this through proper ads, pre-screening, ongoing relationship between applicant and Automax, through their follow up and desire to help people succeed.


Craig Lockerd
CEO of Automax Recruiting & Training