We Are AutoMax!

100's Of Years Of Combined Automotive Experience

    • We Use A Simple 4 Step Process That Gets Amazing Results
    • We're Passionate About What We Do!
    • We're ALL Car Guys and Gals - We Know The Industry
    • We've Made It Our Mission To Find Both Quality AND Quantity
    • We've Been In Business since 1997
    • Who Is AutoMax: We Are AutoMax!

Yes! I'm Ready To Hire The Future Of My Dealership!

Recent Recruiting Class

Recent Recruiting Class

Since 1997, every time AutoMax Recruiting and Training has a training conference, training conference call, or just a company get together, I start with this very same question and the 50+ people answer..."WE ARE AUTOMAX!"
AutoMax Recruiting and Training is in fact a collection of talented, passionate car people, that work in a synergistic manner to provide car dealerships in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico with "committed, well trained salespeople, with no bad habits." Plus every other position in your dealership.

AutoMax assists all car dealerships large and small, urban or rural, franchised dealers and independents, with the right people to hire. We recruit, screen, interview and train floor salespeople, internet salespeople, BDC personnel, service advisors, managers, and every other position at the dealership.
AutoMax Recruiting and Training has conducted over 14,500 of these hiring and training campaigns and placed over 140,000 people!

How do we do it?

Using an easy 4 step process, that's how...

Step 1: AutoMax has always been the leader in the auto sales recruiting and training industry, we were the first company to use the internet on a nationwide basis to bring to dealerships a quantity of quality career minded job seekers. We use the very latest technology, and data points to first of all, bring a quantity of career minded people, to view and respond to the help wanted ads we create and post for you. AutoMax Recruiting and Training has more data points to find the top talent than anyone else in the automotive recruitment industry. AutoMax has its own "Talent Network" that allows job seekers to find your job through most any online search so we can provide thousands of career minded people that others can’t! We use all the major jobs boards, in fact your ad will be loaded into literally 100's of job boards (both big and small) and portals. We have large contracts with all the major job boards, plus our own sites, that feeds your job to dozens of other job dedicated sites, as well as social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. We even use state of the art search optimization strategies to find those job seekers that aren't using job boards, but are using search engines such as Google, Bing or Ask. We also create help wanted videos for some positions that are then shared socially to thousands of people..

Step 2: When the respondents begin to send in their resumes we have a separate department of 10 people that are dedicated to communicating with, selling the dealership (and the car business in general) and scheduling each applicant to interview with one of our trainers, or depending on the package, by you.

Step 3: Screening is a must, and with our acquisition of Recruitment HQ each applicant is interview by phone, scored and scheduled on your behalf, all our notes and applicants resumes are available to you to view prior to applicant arriving for an interview. This allows us an insight unavailable before, that ensures we only recruit and train the best of the best

Step 4: Our Trainers will meet with you each day, to go over that days training results, then, on the last day, present to you each graduate (not all will make it through training) that has made it through the sales training class, along with written and verbal evaluations of each.

For more info on how we do what we do follow the video series: The Recruiter.

I have written this "Who is AutoMax" page on the very same day we hold our weekly, national training conference call, and I asked the trainers to give me their words to describe who AutoMax is, the following is a list of what they had to say, they ARE AutoMax!

  • • Offer people solutions
    • Increase dealers profit
    • Change lives
    • Support families
    • Energize dealerships
    • Fixed operations solutions
    • Build traffic
    • Teach Motivate
    • Experienced, extra set of eyes and ears
    • People finders
    • Talent solutions
    • Management training
    • Social media training
    • Internet hiring and training
    • BDC
    • Passion
    • Provide dealers people with no bad habits
    • Screening for dealers
    • Save dealers time

Who Is AutoMax?

I am proud to say, corny or not, we are a family, a team of passionate professionals, who's goal it is to positively affect the lives of everyone we touch, the dealers and Mangers that retain us, the people that we train and of course each other on the AutoMax Team!

"If we do what we do better than anyone else does it, someone will find a way to pay us to do it!"
Any Questions?

Craig Lockerd
CEO And Founder,
AutoMax Recruiting And Training